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Example sentences for "should vote"

  • If I was called upon on yea and nay vote I should vote against it.

  • Benjamin Harrison is a man for whom every American citizen should vote.

  • If he were here he would vote "yea" and I should vote "nay.

  • It is important that he should vote, that the principle may be vindicated, and that humanity may be defended; but it is important that woman should vote, not for her sake.

  • If, then, a majority of them really desire to vote, we, if we lived in Kansas, should vote to give them the opportunity.

  • If gentlemen who are opposed to the section will offer their objections, he should be glad to hear them; if they were conclusive, he should vote to strike out the section.

  • Another member observed, that it was the duty of the House to attend to the voice of their constituents, and for this reason, he should vote for a committee.

  • He had not made up his mind which way he should vote, but he thought one report was sufficient; he, therefore, hoped it would come under consideration.

  • He had two principal ideas in his mind, which made it appear so; if neither of which was cleared up otherwise, he should vote for it.

  • The gentleman last up wished the committee to rise, in order to recommit it: he should vote for it if the gentleman was willing to add, "to bring in a bill.

  • Mr. HEATH did not wish that the members, being furnished with debates agreeably to the motion, should supersede the receiving of newspapers, yet he should vote for it.

  • Mr Liddell, with much simplicity, asked the Speaker to tell him how he should vote, but approved entirely of Lord John Russell's address.

  • I think I can give three reasons why men should vote, and one why woman should not vote.

  • Many of the innovations proposed by Mrs. Stanton are such as every common-sense man would or should vote for.

  • We should vote, and make laws for ourselves.

  • Perhaps, had the person making this demand had this question put to him, namely: "What reasons are there why men should vote?

  • If a larger navy was necessary, I should vote for it; if an army of thirty thousand men was wanted, I should vote for it.

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