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Example sentences for "abridgement"

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abreast; abregee; abri; abridge; abridged; abridges; abridging; abridgment; abridgments; abroad
  1. You might as well publish an abridgement of Waverley or Ivanhoe.

  2. An abridgement was tried of Gibbon; but it had little success, and has never since been attempted.

  3. This is an exact abridgement of the story; the commentary would be too voluminous.

  4. But that accursed Hag, her hostesse late, 2 Had so enranckled her malitious hart, That she desyrd th'abridgement of her fate, 4 Or long enlargement of her painefull smart.

  5. Every abridgement of a good book is a stupid abridgement.

  6. Abridgement and translation of Lobo's Voyage to Abyssinia, acknowl.

  7. I have no doubt that he wrote the little abridgement entitled 'Foreign History,' in the Magazine for December.

  8. For abridgement of stem in singular compare our ox, pl.

  9. The Mandan future inflection -kit -kt -t appears to be an abridgement of this.

  10. History is to be begun with an abridgement of universal history; such as Justin, Florus, and the abridgement of Livy.

  11. An abridgement of the two works of Stanhope was made by John Taylor and published in 1649 under the title "Spadacrene Anglica .

  12. An Abridgement of the Book of Acts and Monumentes of the Church.

  13. I propose no abridgement of equal liberty.

  14. In a passage which I have not given in my abridgement Alcinous says casually (vii.

  15. The reader who turns to the abridgement of Books xiii.

  16. I preface my abridgement with a plan of Ulysses' house, so far as I have been able to make it out from the poem.

  17. Footnote 16: Abridgement of the evidence taken before a committee of the whole House: The Slave Trade, no.

  18. Footnote 10: Abridgement of the Evidence taken before a Committee of the whole House: The Slave Trade, no.

  19. Such an abridgement would render it impossible that capital with interest should be restored.

  20. HALL, and the following abridgement of it will please all who have perused the previous papers of the series.

  21. To which is added a Chronological abridgement of the sacred scriptures by way of dialogue.

  22. A chronological abridgement of the sacred scriptures by way of dialogue is followed by rules of grammar, likewise in dialogue form.

  23. In the sequel, however, we have thought it better to give only an abridgement of the letter from Alcasar de Villa Senor, which Purchas informs us, in a side note, he had found among the papers of Mr Richard Hakluyt.

  24. This journal, as it is called, is so retrenched or abbreviated in many parts, as to be almost throughout inconsequential, and often so obscured by the unskilful abridgement of Purchas as to be nearly unintelligible.

  25. It is written in graceful hexameter verse, and is an abridgement rather than a translation.

  26. In general, it is an abridgement of earlier records, though a few new facts are found.

  27. The Canterbury Tales, so far as they are in verse, have been printed without any abridgement or designed change in the sense.

  28. In the abridgement of the Faerie Queen, the plan may at first sight seem to be modelled on the lines of Mr Craik's painstaking condensation; but the coincidences are either inevitable or involuntary.

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