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Example sentences for "abrogated"

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abridgments; abroad; abroade; abrode; abrogate; abrogates; abrogating; abrogation; abrupt; abruptly
  1. A careful review of the whole subject led me to direct that all such orders be abrogated and the lands restored to market, and instructions were immediately given to that effect.

  2. They had been practically abrogated by the legislation attending the organization of Utah, New Mexico, and Washington.

  3. The first of these decrees abrogated all changes in the courts of justice and tribunals which had taken place during the absence of Napoleon.

  4. The condition of evacuation was in this case the withdrawal of Russia from Kars, and here likewise it never became operative till it was abrogated by the outbreak of war.

  5. The compliant Parliament now abrogated all the ecclesiastical laws of Edward VI.

  6. In Lombardy and then also in Venice, immediately after they had been taken possession of, the concordat with Austria was abrogated and the Jesuits expelled.

  7. But he abrogated the conditions which too flagrantly violated the principles of common law; that is to say, he ordered that accuser and witnesses should be confronted with the accused, and that the process should be conducted in public.

  8. For though, constrained by the fanatical monk Capistrano, he had abrogated it, yet in view of the advantages that the crown of Poland derived from the Jews, he re-enacted the same laws a few years after.

  9. The kingdom Berengar attempted to maintain against his vassals and the Church was virtually abrogated by Otho I.

  10. The States of the Union naturally inherited and retained the common law of England, and the principles and maxims of English jurisprudence not necessarily abrogated by the change of government, and among others this doctrine of Lord Mansfield.

  11. During the night a councillor of the Parliament was surprised on horseback in the streets tearing down and disfiguring the decree of the Regency Council, which abrogated that of the Parliament.

  12. The council of the regency, at its sitting on the afternoon of the same day, abrogated this decree.

  13. This latter act of royal intervention did not confirm, but rather abrogated in practice, the claims of this same Colon to the inheritance of the provinces which had been given formerly to his father.

  14. Its principal defect is taken from the treaty with New Granada, the negotiator having made it liable to be abrogated on notice after twenty years.

  15. Great Britain is the only Power with any shadow of a claim to object, and her claim would be founded on treaties and arrangements which she has either abrogated or allowed to fall into oblivion.

  16. But the Treaty of 1902 between Great Britain and the United States abrogated that, and provided for the "neutralisation" of the canal.

  17. And the said claims are hereby abrogated and annulled.

  18. All commercial treaties and agreements between herself and Liberia are abrogated and she recognizes Liberia's right to determine the status and condition of the reestablishment of Germans in Liberia.

  19. Reinsurance contracts are abrogated unless invasion has made it impossible for the reinsured to find another reinsurer.

  20. Some suppose this verse to be abrogated by the next extract: others try to explain it away.

  21. This prohibition, which was not based on the verses of the Qur’án, was abrogated by the Báb.

  22. On three of the occasions here indicated a constitution was abrogated in order to revive a prior one.

  23. All treaties, agreements, arrangements, and contracts concluded by her with the Sherifian Empire are regarded as abrogated as from Aug.

  24. All treaties, agreements, arrangements, and contracts concluded by Germany with Egypt are regarded as abrogated as from Aug.

  25. We may be absolutely certain that recent advantageous treaties will be abrogated and that territories appropriated in the last half-century will be restored.

  26. If we establish the precedent that this treaty can be abrogated or diminished, we do not know where this may lead us--all our interests protected by it may be questioned sooner or later.

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