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Example sentences for "acutest"

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acushla; acute; acutely; acuteness; acuter; acutis; acuto; acwoss; adage
  1. They are religious in the wider sense, yet in this acutest of all senses they are not so, and it is religion in the acutest sense that I wish, without disputing about words, to study first, so as to get at its typical differentia.

  2. Having the phenomenon of our study in its acutest possible form to start with, we can shade down as much as we please later.

  3. He bended me, turning his corner by means of my hurt, hurting me more than I had ever been hurt in my life, and at the acutest point of this, as he passed, I SAW.

  4. It held relief from thought, from the acutest pain that flesh can know, from life, from death.

  5. And during the day that followed, Mary lay preyed upon by the acutest agony that ever tortured woman yet.

  6. Clark was well qualified to perform the hazardous duties that devolved upon him and did more than the acutest human sagacity dared anticipate.

  7. Yet we often see those of high attainments rush into the whirlpool of inconsistency with a blind infatuation that the fine spun rules of the acutest sophistry cannot justify.

  8. And Cullen said before him "Neither the acutest genius nor the soundest judgment will avail in judging of a particular science, in regard to which they have not been exercised.

  9. It is most remarkable that one of Kant's opponents, and indeed the acutest of them, G.

  10. After a pause, during which he experienced the acutest mental anguish, he looked around to see how the robbery could have been effected.

  11. Hepzibah, who had been screwing her visual organs into the acutest focus of which they were capable.

  12. And in criticism Graham seemed ever anxious to bring out a latent beauty, even in writers comparatively neglected; Savarin was acutest when dragging forth a blemish never before discovered in writers universally read.

  13. Not but that there is some chance of Tell disappearing one of these days under acutest historical investigation.

  14. The French are the acutest people in the world.

  15. Every fibre of Judith's heart was strung and strained to the uttermost, to acutest feeling, and a sympathetic hand drawn across them would have produced a soft, thrilling, musical wail.

  16. Bolingbroke has said that "Man is his own sharper and his own bubble;" and certainly he who is acutest in duping others is ever the most ingenious in outwitting himself.

  17. Leaders of men, not the acutest thinkers, 55-l.

  18. The acutest thinkers rarely succeed in becoming leaders of men.

  19. I think that in that moment of acutest suspense the whole of his earthly career must have flashed before him in a phantasmagoria.

  20. It was also in the acutest degree amazing.

  21. The whole situation was in the acutest degree mysterious.

  22. Without at all undervaluing La Bruyère, one of the acutest and finest of writers, we may say that this is a truly disastrous piece of criticism.

  23. It is based absolutely and altogether on what has now been discerned: for not only is our writer a man of the acutest intelligence, but he evidently possesses the highest qualities of moral courage.

  24. Yes, this is where the highest intellect, the acutest reason, the purest wisdom of any man at any time has attained.

  25. Mr. Falkland, on the contrary, was a man of the acutest sensibility; hence arose his pleasures and his pains, his virtues and his vices.

  26. Her sensibility was habitually of the acutest sort, and the qualities of Emily were such as powerfully to fix her affection.

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