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Example sentences for "adjusts"

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adjuster; adjusters; adjusting; adjustment; adjustments; adjutancy; adjutant; adjutants; adjuvant; adjuvants
  1. When the drawer G G is pushed in, and the doors A and C closed, the exhibitor adjusts the machinery at the back, in order to give time to the player to take the position shown in a front view in Fig.

  2. When the figure begins to work, an attendant dips the pencil in ink, and adjusts the drawing-paper upon a brass tablet.

  3. He adjusts his pocket camera] This ought to look bully!

  4. He takes out the field-glasses slung around him and adjusts them on the BABY.

  5. Hearing nothing, he adjusts his sending apparatus to the desired wave-length and switches this in with the signal aerial which serves both his sending and his receiving set.

  6. Each ship on the Atlantic and every land station within range which is to receive the reports at that hour adjusts its receiving set to receive waves of that length.

  7. In that case the operator tunes his instrument, or in other words adjusts his apparatus to suit the wave length of the station with which he wishes to communicate.

  8. Next he adjusts his receiving circuits for a number of wave lengths.

  9. Often a subject will begin by giving an inferior type of response (description, say) to the first picture, but with the second picture adjusts better to the task and responds satisfactorily.

  10. One who has intelligence constantly measures opportunities against his own strength or weakness and adjusts himself to conditions by following those leads which promise most toward the realization of his individual possibilities.

  11. This inner life is wonderfully redundant; there is, namely, very much more in it than a consciousness of those acts by which the body adjusts itself to its surroundings.

  12. Adjusts the spectacles on her nose and reads.

  13. It is not necessary to enter further into the calculations whereby Palmieri adjusts the chronology and cosmography of his vision to the Ptolemaic theory of the universe.

  14. It is here that Palmieri adjusts the theory of planetary influences to his theory of free will.

  15. Both then go to the rear of the tent; the rear-rank man adjusts the pole and the front-rank man drives the pins.

  16. A float in H adjusts an air-valve, so as to keep a supply of air in the chamber, to serve as a cushion and to make an air-chamber of the reservoir, and permits the excess to escape.

  17. He buttons up his overcoat, turns up his collar and adjusts his hat.

  18. What else but the subconscious mind directs our steps, controls our movements, and adjusts our life to its surroundings?

  19. We have normal health of the personality as long as there is a complete equilibrium in the functions of the organism which adjusts the activities to the surroundings.

  20. It is the great apparatus by which the organism steadily adjusts itself to the surroundings.

  21. The Piano-Forte Action Regulator adjusts the action in all its operations.

  22. Having slipped the black kerchief from his own neck, he secures it about Tom's, adjusts the shark's bone at the throat, and mounts the braid hat upon his head with a hearty blow on the crown.

  23. Sister Scudder adjusts her spectacles, and, in mildest accents, says, "The Lord will indeed reward such disinterestedness.

  24. Like a philosopher in deep study, he wipes and adjusts his spectacles, then takes her right hand and commences reading its lines.

  25. The charm is that when shut off it won’t start again till you prime it, and the mechanic adjusts the carbureter over again for full speed.

  26. At the field men hold the machine while the mechanic adjusts the carbureter, and then at a given signal it is released and soars skyward.

  27. Then reclining in state upon the throne, he listens for hours to all appeals brought against the decisions of his judges, and adjusts in public the tangled disputes and controversies of his subjects.

  28. Sir Leicester rises, adjusts her scarf about her, and returns to his seat.

  29. The fair Volumnia, not quite unconscious perhaps of the humanizing influence of her charms, pauses in the writing of cocked-hat notes and meditatively adjusts the pearl necklace.

  30. But they are very much mistaken; for it is as powerful[199], and adjusts itself as quickly to the meridian or to the point of variation in the southern as in the northern parts of the earth.

  31. The upright irons of the barred door grow faint, and melt into a single line; it adjusts itself crosswise between the upper and side sills.

  32. He steps into the cell, puts on his gloves, and carefully adjusts the little looking-glass and the rules, hanging awry on the wall.

  33. In the end a religion is permanent as it meets the great human needs and adjusts itself to their changing phases.

  34. Since the movement has borne a kind of messianic expectation it adjusts itself easily to inherited Christian hopes.

  35. On the other hand no training demands a more persistent and planful arousing of the mind than the esthetic training, and never is progress more difficult than when the teacher adjusts himself to the mere liking of the pupils.

  36. We feel that our body adjusts itself to the perception.

  37. Wherever our attention becomes focused on a special feature, the surrounding adjusts itself, eliminates everything in which we are not interested, and by the close-up heightens the vividness of that on which our mind is concentrated.

  38. He adjusts his rhythms to those of the barrel, which becomes for the time being his butt.

  39. We have seen that the value of a commodity always so adjusts itself as to bring the demand to the exact level of the supply.

  40. The law is, that the demand for a commodity varies with its value, and that the value adjusts itself so that the demand shall be equal to the supply.

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