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Example sentences for "alack"

  • Shakespeare has ½alack the day¸ and ½alack the heavy day.

  • Woe and alack for the sound, for the rattle of cars to the wall, And the creak of the grinding axles!

  • Alack my wandering woes, that round and round Lead me in many mazes, lost, foredone!

  • Completely solde alack he is, Alack and wel-a-day; Mort DIEU!

  • Then he wept again with bitter tears and recited these also, "Alack and Alas!

  • Alack the heavy day, That I have worn so many winters out, And know not now what name to call myself!

  • Alack the heavy day When such a sacred king should hide his head!

  • But without an ounce of lead, And a signalling, alack t she was ill-manned.

  • Alack and alas, not a single response crowned her efforts!

  • Alack and alas, they were still studying--still knew their work imperfect--were still striving to attain!

  • He took his blue tenegui and wiped his forehead, "Alack for my old bones!

  • Alack for the good old man and the good old woman when they heard the dog was gone!

  • Alack and alack for Miss Pellicoe’s faith in Hector!

  • The exterior of the house itself was well enough, but alack for the approaches and the interior!

  • The tone and manner of speaking are excellent, but alack for the matter!

  • Her love, alack I was not vouchsafed to me; Unto the slave 'twas not of Heaven decreed.

  • Alack then for pity must I bear the curse, That only belongs to the cunning cut-purse?

  • Alack and for pity, why should it be said?

  • AN EAST WIND The glitter of wheels far down the street (Ah me, and alack a day.

  • Somebody passed, who was wont to pause: (Ah me, and alack a day.

  • Please her the best I may, She loves still to gainsay; Alack and well-a-day!

  • It would beseem the Lord Northumberland To say 'King Richard': alack the heavy day[1401] When such a sacred king should hide his head.

  • Alack and alas that ever I should have been fool enough to trust him!

  • Alack and alas for the fairest and sweetest!

  • He fared him to the market town, Alack and well-a-day.

  • The youth was filled with sorrow sore, Alack and well-a-day.

  • The little maid cast down her eyes, Alack and well-a-day.

  • And looked he at the maid once more, Alack and well-a-day.

  • And many a flush began to rise, Alack and well-a-day.

  • And there he met a maiden fair, With hazel eyes and auburn hair; His heart went from him then and there, Alack and well-a-day.

  • She tossed her head, the coy coquette, Alack and well-a-day.

  • Now shews the sun his head of gold With a superior brilliancy; Now hides as were he dead and cold— Alack and woe is me.

  • Must I the briny torrents shed— Alack and woe is me!

  • Our chief is gone, at last, at last, The safeguard of our nation he; The glory of our age is past— Alack and woe is me!

  • Of justice is the fountain dried, And mute the law’s high symphony; Fallen is Europa’s brightest pride— Alack and woe is me.

  • Alack and alas for that I did with mine own self; indeed what business had I with such diversion?

  • It would beseem the Lord Northumberland To say 'King Richard': alack the heavy day When such a sacred king should hide his head!

  • She laid the blood-irons to Robin's vein Alack the more pitye!

  • She laid the blood-irons to Robin's vein, Alack the more pitye!

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