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Example sentences for "alarmist"

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  1. Driven out of Europe, the alarmist falls back on the "Yellow Peril.

  2. One last resort the would-be patriotic alarmist seeks when all others fail.

  3. For the present it is sufficient to state that it is done, and that some of the most alarmist statements in "Made in Germany" will not bear critical examination.

  4. Every one I met was an Alarmist and that is polite for liar.

  5. Though not illiberal in politics, he has fallen into the high Tory despondency about the prospects of the country, and anticipates every evil that the most timid alarmist can suggest.

  6. Walked from the House with Lord Carnarvon, who is an intelligent man, but a great alarmist and very desponding; he thinks we are going on step by step to an utter subversion of all interests and institutions.

  7. Alarmist shrieks were filling the air, but business in Belfast and Ulster was booming, and the great body of the people of Great Britain remained unmoved.

  8. I remembered also the alarmist articles I had read about the great number of foreigners in the British Merchant Service, and I didn't know how far these lamentations were justified.

  9. But those with whom I touched upon that vision were pleased to see in it the evidence of my alarmist cynicism.

  10. It is always a good cry for alarmist newspapers to send up their circulation by, but you and I, my friend, who have mixed with serious politicians, know its value.

  11. Having always been famous as an alarmist he put the right interpretation on the business, and settled down to what he half hoped, half feared, might be a great frontier war.

  12. I've always been held up to ridicule as an alarmist about that Kashmir frontier, and especially about that Bardur country.

  13. Rawlinson, a few years before the second Afghan war, took a very alarmist view of the progress of Russia, not only in Central Asia but also in Asia Minor.

  14. On August 28th he spoke in decidedly alarmist terms of the lessons which should be taught to us by the loss of the "Victoria.

  15. But there may be some grounds for the alarmist views of Sir Edward Reed, and I see no reason why his views should not receive prompt, candid, and independent investigation.

  16. Cranfield sent an alarmist report of affairs to London, declaring that "factions" would bring about a separation of the colony unless a frigate were sent to Boston to enforce loyalty.

  17. Queen Anne, however, listened to alarmist reports of the unruly and disaffected condition of the colonies, and allowed a bill for their "better regulation" to be introduced.

  18. It would puzzle even the trained imagination of certain journalists we wot of to evolve anything alarmist out of the condition of the great tribes between Mogador and the Atlas.

  19. Much might be written in confutation of the many alarmist reports as to the decadent condition into which British trade has fallen of late years, but, after all, is this worth while?

  20. We who are "in the know" at the embassies smile when we read those alarmist articles, purporting to give all sorts of wild plans, which exist only in the imagination of the leader-writer.

  21. It is the fashion of journalists who know nothing of the inner life of the diplomatic circle, and of alarmist writers who build up political theories for themselves, to abuse Russia and Russian methods.

  22. But neither the worst fears of the alarmist nor the most sanguine hopes of the alchemist have been verified.

  23. The interpretations and conclusions which have been drawn from time to time respecting bacteriological work have led to alarmist views which have not, by later investigation, been fully supported.

  24. Granted that if the progression foreseen by Malthus took place, the calamity apprehended must ensue; it was maintained, as a matter of fact, that the abundant safeguards existing in practice were ignored by the alarmist doctrinaires.

  25. It is merely an alarmist rumour, no doubt.

  26. I naturally put him down to be one of those alarmist cranks with whom one so often comes into contact--a man who exaggerates the gossip of the Bourse and repeats it as actual fact with embroidery of his own.

  27. The Alarmist View:--If the surplus female population with which we are overrun increases much more, we shall be eaten up with women.

  28. These were welcomed by Punch as a letting-off of alarmist steam.

  29. Do not too curiously censor false alarmist reports put about by the enemy.

  30. In spite of these lamentable incidents, there was nothing which even the most violent alarmist could dignify with the name of an insurrection.

  31. As he had the reputation of being an ultra-Liberal who sympathised overmuch with Young Russia, we may assume that he did not take an exceptionally alarmist view of the situation.

  32. He, on the contrary, took a more alarmist view of the situation.

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