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Example sentences for "antics"

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  1. Never were two merrier playfellows, and their droll antics and frolics were a source of great amusement to the whole family.

  2. Mrs Bradford found that no story was needed; so engaged was Bessie in watching the frolicsome antics of her sister, that she had no thought of anything else.

  3. That young man's antics drew an amazed grunt from Pillbot.

  4. Gault was watching his assistant's antics with a bleak expression that changed to sardonic satisfaction as he realized Pillbot was in a predicament like his--only more so.

  5. After this, they are full of life and very playful, and their antics are very amusing.

  6. There was still sufficient light, however, to enable him to see distinctly all about him as he watched the antics of his childlike captors.

  7. As soon as it was discovered that all efforts to free itself were useless, the wolf was forced to approach the campfire, where the men curiously were watching the antics of the strange animal.

  8. In 1804, Antinous in Petersburg, there are new antics to record.

  9. These improvised ballets generally present an exhibition of stiffness and awkwardness at the first public appearance; but that is not to be compared with the ungainly antics of a first rehearsal.

  10. Among the crowds who thronged to see the antics of the Zulus at Bunnell's Dime Museum, New York City, last winter, was an Italian girl named Anita G.

  11. Soon I began to pick up the strange chatter of the birds and to understand the funny talking antics of the dogs.

  12. They joined the throng of people who promenaded up and down the broad cement walk along the beach, and watched the antics of the children with their transitory castles until this pleasure began to pall.

  13. Four white-sheeted figures danced down the steps and paraded on the walk in front of the home lot, tooting horns and performing antics in a manner which no set of self-respecting ghosts ever dreamed of.

  14. Little John no sooner saw the mad antics of the creature than he set off in pursuit, barking furiously, and Billy set off too with a shout, taking great enjoyment in the chase after our period of idleness.

  15. They skipped from point to point, endeavouring to find a safe way, and I recollected afterwards the strange antics of Wabberley, who, being of a ponderous shape, was very unfit for such feats of agility.

  16. She had never seen a real ju-ju man until that afternoon, but his appearance and antics were sufficiently striking to create a vivid impression quite apart from the tragic sequel to his incantation.

  17. This will unsettle every native for a week or two," he said, eying the man's antics with evident disfavor.

  18. He has never been harshly treated, so, though he will be surprised at the new performance, I think he won't be frightened, and his antics will do no harm.

  19. The inconsistencies and vain antics of the girl, which are justly enough stigmatized by the epithets flirting and coquetry, are repaid tenfold upon the wife.

  20. Antics and impertinences of young men of fashion!

  21. Cadet Higgins, I want you to know I have taken all the blasted space-brained antics I'm going to take from you," said Connel quietly.

  22. Astro, too, had managed to forget the loneliness he felt aboard the great cruiser by watching the antics of Alfie and Major Connel.

  23. Konah, laughing gleefully at the antics of the kid.

  24. The fine ones do it unassisted; the others close by the antics of some good man who exerts himself to carry and fit the shutters.

  25. Hence his dress, his menus, his advertisements, and all the various antics which half regaled, half scandalised the neighbourhood.

  26. Innumerable bright little comedies were unconsciously played in all parts of the room, and they were even more interesting than the antics of the dancers.

  27. The men, yearning for a share of the applause, cut up all sorts of antics and capers, using their arms and legs with incredible agility, making grotesque faces, and wearing hideous false noses and piratical moustaches.

  28. Truffaldino, the whelp whose antics dispelled melancholy, becomes for once in Gozzi's hands a stick wherewith to beat the dog of modern science.

  29. The Parmesan is not to be outdone by these performances; he has his nanny-goat, whose antics are at least as sight-worthy as the puppy's.

  30. Dick and the matron walked on behind the crowd, the millionaire's son watching with interest the antics of the waifs.

  31. Officers and men were doubled up with mirth as they watched the acrobatic antics of this mechanical marvel--this Wellsian wonder.

  32. Another two yards and I should have been trying to emulate the antics of a "tank" in sliding down a crater and crawling up the other side.

  33. Some of the crowd streamed after Browning, but by far the greater number remained to watch the antics of the automobile.

  34. Hodge, who had no patience with the antics of the Chickering set.

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