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Example sentences for "anticyclone"

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  1. Yet until the fixed glacial anticyclone above the glacier had been proven and its efficiency as a broom recognized, no other hypothesis than that of viscous flow had been offered in explanation.

  2. Diagram to show the nature of the fixed glacial anticyclone above continental glaciers and the process by which their surface is shaped.

  3. Make a similar series of observations for the passage of an anticyclone centrally over, north and south of, several stations.

  4. In the case of the cyclone the gradient is directed inward towards the center; in the case of the anticyclone the gradient is directed outward from the center.

  5. Since the air in an anticyclone is descending, it becomes warmed and dried, and therefore transmits radiation freely whether from the sun to the earth or from the earth into space.

  6. In the autumn migration to Britain, the chief movements take place when a large and well-defined anticyclone has its centre somewhere over Scandinavia, with gentle gradients in a south-westerly direction over the North Sea.

  7. When the cold, dry, heavy air of the anticyclone lumbers in more pressure is applied and the mercury, or the dial hand, climbs.

  8. While the anticyclone furnishes fair weather the sky is not necessarily or even usually free from clouds under its influence.

  9. The anticyclone suggests a pyramid of cold, dry air.

  10. And even more rarely a cyclone over the Gulf with an anticyclone above it will give the Gulf States a taste of winter, but rarely more than a few flakes.

  11. No change need be feared as the anticyclone nears, or for three days after clear conditions are established so long as the wind remains brisk from some westerly quarter.

  12. Before long an anticyclone feebler than ordinary is overtaken by a cyclone and annihilated.

  13. The four day supremacy of the anticyclone will be over.

  14. The intensity of an anticyclone is measured by its wind velocity and by the degree of cold obtaining under its influence.

  15. During the year the anticyclone furnishes us with about sixty per cent.

  16. But if the subsequent anticyclone is not very well defined, cloudy conditions may linger for a couple of days.

  17. But the anticyclone is an agent of dryness, hence their short duration.

  18. The customary anticyclone with its brisk northwest winds has arrived and is blowing with all the vigor necessary to induce one to believe that the clear weather is to continue for the usual length of time; that is, three or four days.

  19. A cyclone is departing and the anticyclone moving in.

  20. In winter the sunrays are so much feebler because of their slant and radiation proceeds so rapidly under the dry air of the anticyclone that a much greater degree of cold is produced than when the cyclonic clouds prevent the radiation.

  21. So therefore, if the anticyclone is a slow mover, a Texas storm, which would normally pass not far from southern New England, may be deflected farther north than when the HIGH moved rapidly east.

  22. The path and point of recurvature will be determined by the position of the Bermuda Hyperbar, that is, the seasonal anticyclone of the Atlantic.

  23. Owing to the presence of the anticyclone referred to above, the depression recurved off Hatteras.

  24. This bears of course on the theory which places an anticyclone in the South Polar region.

  25. Beyond 70° there appears to be generally an irregular outpouring of cold air from the polar area, with an easterly component significant of anticyclone conditions.

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