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Example sentences for "apologises"

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apologetically; apologetics; apologies; apologise; apologised; apologising; apologist; apologists; apologize; apologized
  1. First of all the writer humbly apologises for presuming to address these holy men, and he calls God to witness that in celebrating the Paschal solemnity with the learned generally he does so in no spirit of pride or contempt for others.

  2. He has perplexed himself by a formal protest against the perils of Platonic love, but apologises for his hero in the manners of the age.

  3. It is evident that our author was conscious that he had struck into a virgin vein, and however amenable to the code of historical composition, very gracefully apologises for indulging the novelty.

  4. He apologises for his own style by alleging the unsettled state of the English language, of which he tells us that "the language now used varieth far from that which was used and spoken when I was born.

  5. He apologises for curtailing a few lines from 2400 folio pages!

  6. The Author apologises for ending, instead of commencing, his former volumes, with an inquiry into his pedigree—How to improve a family name—The cognomen of Alderman Sir W.

  7. Chorus apologises for the omission of Wolsey's life.

  8. One sees the modern god as one who perpetually apologises and explains; and the modern devil as one who perpetually apologises and explains.

  9. Walpole apologises for recording this debate, tedious as it is, at such a length.

  10. Fleury, at the conclusion of his excellent third discourse, justly and candidly apologises for these five ages, as not wholly destitute of learning, and far less of virtue.

  11. Fetter, again taking his seat, apologises to the jury, to the persons present, and to his learned brother, Felsh.

  12. He himself was conscious of the sacrifice he was making, and apologises to the public for thus defrauding them of the better work which he stood pledged to execute.

  13. He almost apologises for the massacre of St. Bartholomew and the Gunpowder Plot; and, in spite of his patriotism, attributes the defeat of the Armada to a storm, for fear of praising Elizabeth.

  14. Brown does not see that he is insulting his hearers when he apologises for introducing logic into lectures upon metaphysics, and indemnifies them by quotations from Akenside and the Essay on Man.

  15. In accordance with this view Ligniville apologises ironically to followers of the gusto moderno for the disuse of drums and trumpets, and for the simple old modulations to which he confines himself as being ignorant of the new lights.

  16. The way in which he apologises to his father, and the pity he expresses for the unfortunate man, whose affection touched him deeply, do honour alike to the goodness and the innocence of his heart.

  17. Mozart's style is sharp and clear; his sarcastic turn of mind is so prominent that he apologises for it in the preface, although it is not unusual in the musical literature of the time.

  18. He apologises for his cardinal by asserting that the same line of policy was pursued here in England "by Charles I.

  19. He apologises gruffly but politely, and then continues his reading.

  20. He apologises handsomely, and commences his recital.

  21. For this atrocious wish, I must add, he apologises amply in a later letter.

  22. He apologises to a lady in a letter referring to another controversy upon the same subject in which he had used rather strong language about masculine 'superiority.

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