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Example sentences for "basically"

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bashfully; bashfulness; bashing; basi; basic; basicity; basicranial; basics; basidia; basidium
  1. But basically I don't call myself a Christian.

  2. It will repay the States, handsomely, to establish criminological schools basically equipped for practical instruction, backed by elementary courses in anthropology and mental therapeutics.

  3. On Exhibit 361, sir, it wouldn't show but it basically would be off in this direction coming down this way.

  4. I mean familiarity basically with two things.

  5. She came into the room just after basically the very short visit was concluded.

  6. I want to inquire of you today concerning your knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald, which we understand you gained as a result of your association with the Oswalds, basically during 1962.

  7. This was basically sponsored by the families.

  8. The testimony we want this time from you relates basically to some conversations that were had in late 1962 concerning the background of Lee Harvey Oswald.

  9. He explained it basically in terms of an accident or something that he couldn't readily explain?

  10. Basically a function of his IQ rather than his formal education?

  11. The captain's fingers then ran over the instrument's keyboard, and I noticed that he touched only its black keys, which gave his melodies a basically Scottish color.

  12. That glow is basically electric in nature.

  13. But there exists between us a vital dynamic relation, for which I, being the conscious one, am basically responsible.

  14. The whole of a child's development goes on from the great dynamic centers, and is basically non-mental.

  15. This wolf was basically a scavenger who subsisted for long periods on the remains of old carcasses.

  16. Figures for this animal are so low because she was basically a scavenger.

  17. In describing lycaon as basically a gray wolf, Goldman made no mention of the occurrence of black or white color phases in that subspecies.

  18. The range of 1051 was composed basically of three distinct areas (fig.

  19. Three of the wolves were basically lone individuals.

  20. Thus there is no reason for selective hunting, and we feel confident that the age structure of the hunter-kill in our study area does basically represent that of the deer herd at large.

  21. So strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a counsel acknowledged by the court, and anyone who comes before this court as counsel is basically no more than a barrack room lawyer.

  22. What he told me, gentlemen, was basically nothing at all; perhaps he really did know nothing, he had placed me under arrest and was satisfied.

  23. Man's nature is basically bad, but by working on himself within the framework of society, he can change his nature and can develop.

  24. This basically capitalistic economy is still divided into a developed industrial north, dominated by private companies, and a less developed agricultural south, with large public enterprises and more than 20% unemployment.

  25. A major shipping nation, with a high dependence on international trade, Norway is basically an exporter of raw materials and semiprocessed goods.

  26. Roots which are basically adjectives are defined first as adjectives, then as nouns and verbs.

  27. Most roots occur as several parts of speech, and the determination of whether a root is basically a noun, adjective, or verb depends upon a series of morphological and syntactic criteria the details of which cannot be presented here.

  28. Roots that are basically adjectives are distinguished from noun roots in that they occur with a prefix ka- in exclamations to mean ‘how very [adjective]!

  29. The king, Cleon the Modest, was basically a good fellow, though he was not known for his brilliance in government.

  30. Fear of hypnosis takes different forms, but basically it is the fear of revealing one's true feelings.

  31. Naturally, each individual presents a different set of needs and even though the symptoms may be basically the same, each will respond favorably when his requirements are met.

  32. Mentalists find hidden objects in an audience using basically the same approach, combined with clever techniques of distraction.

  33. The rope-geared system of hydraulic elevator operation was so basically simple that by 1880 it had been embraced by virtually all manufacturers.

  34. The system was not basically different from the simple hydraulic press so well known at the time.

  35. The nascent movement was thus basically a "patriotic" protest against all those, both foreigners and native-born, who were endangering the country.

  36. The Persian revolution was thus basically an Iranian patriotic outburst against all alien influences, whether from East or West.

  37. If it is it is because he takes more care to uncover it, but basically his irony is but the irony of nature.

  38. The decisions to place greater reliance on material incentives and to give slightly more recognition to what remains of private enterprise were intriguing, but the collective farm system itself remained basically unchanged.

  39. EDAC and ACEP rely on basically similar information and upon the same general body of experts throughout the Government.

  40. It had to do with this universe being basically illogical, or at least seeming to be, because it didn't agree with your father's theory.

  41. The croak of a frog that was part of the universe--the universe that was basically illogical.

  42. Spurlock was basically a poet, quick to recognize beauty, animate or inanimate, and to transcribe it in unuttered words.

  43. Of course, basically it is all wrong; and sometimes God must laugh at our ideas of rectitude.

  44. Basically a kindly man but made cynical and derisive by sordid contacts, O'Higgins had almost forgotten that there was such a thing as unselfishness.

  45. He wanted to see how the thing was done, though basically it seemed to be a little small.

  46. She assumed that Eugene was such a man, and his frank open countenance and smiling eyes and mouth convinced her that he was basically good.

  47. Its style was basically Western Indian, yet being executed in an area so far to the east, it also possessed certain novelties of manner.

  48. In early India, marriage had been regarded as a contract between families and romantic love between husband and wife as an accidental, even an unexpected product of what was basically a utilitarian agreement.

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