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Example sentences for "basics"

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basi; basic; basically; basicity; basicranial; basidia; basidium; basilar; basileus; basilic
  1. We're stressing basics of discipline, rigorous testing, and homework, while helping children become computer-smart as well.

  2. That was one of the basics they had lost, years ago--their belief that life would arise on any planet capable of supporting it.

  3. But remember, a lot of our basics have already proved themselves false this trip.

  4. With the new basics it does just that--except that it is still just one car, and yet never was just one car and never will be.

  5. In some way both sets of basics operate in either conflict or compromise.

  6. I think I was beginning dimly to see the new metaphysical basics that were to make the whole thing sensible and manipulable.

  7. He felt that even if the basics of natural law in operation here were purely nonsense laws, he would be able to penetrate to a rational manipulation and control of things.

  8. I think that we've run across a bit of matter that works from different basics than what we are used to.

  9. If we make the transition in steps the actual noumenal confusion may guide our minds correctly into a correct understanding of the new basics of this system by the time we land.

  10. It's happening here on Earth right now and will keep on happening until the old basics that contradict the new ones are no longer operating.

  11. I had to start from basics which meant purchasing glass for six tanks, having the glass pieces cut to specifications and then having the pieces delivered at the shop without a scratch.

  12. As things worked out, however, I was able to learn a few basics about farming in my own village at Parra.

  13. Chapter 5> Internet Basics We've talked a lot about the Internet, but how do you actually use it?

  14. The basics are discussed in the next chapter.

  15. I believe that an understanding of basics will enable you to function as a self-determined individual and adapt existing methods, solve problems if they arise, or create something personal and uniquely correct for your situation.

  16. Today's Confusions I have offered this brief interpretation of the organic gardening and farming movement primarily for the those gardeners who, like me, learned their basics from Rodale Press.

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