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  1. He left it as an alternative to the committee, that if this clause was struck out, the bastardy clauses should be wholly severed from the bill, and proceeded with in a future session of parliament.

  2. As a mark of bastardy it had subsequently some extensive use in both countries, and it still remains the only mark now used for the purpose in Scottish heraldry.

  3. Although the Somersets, Dukes of Beaufort, have discarded all signs of bastardy from their shield, the version upon the fess was continued as one of the quarterings upon the arms of the old Shropshire family of Somerset Fox.

  4. Another objection to the long lists which most heraldic works give of early instances of marks of bastardy as data for deduction lies in the fact that most are instances of the illegitimate children of Royal personages.

  5. The idea of this bordure having been at any time a mark of bastardy is a very modern error, arising from a confusion with the bordure compony.

  6. And it is a moot point whether or not a large proportion of the instances which are tabulated in most heraldic works as examples of marks of bastardy are anything whatever of the kind.

  7. Therefore, in view of the two foregoing facts, there can be very little doubt that the use of armorial marks of bastardy was not invented or instituted, nor were these marks enforced, as punishment or as a disgrace.

  8. They are supposed to contribute largely to the bastardy percentages.

  9. In every other respect a LEAD is similar to a raffle; songs, dances, drinking, and a general desire to increase the bastardy averages being the most conspicuous features of the entertainment.

  10. There, at your meet'st advantage of the time, Infer the bastardy of Edward's children.

  11. Touch'd you the bastardy of Edward's children?

  12. Out of some fifty thousand people, extending over five or six parishes, such a thing as a suit for slander, or an indictment for malicious mischief, or a case of bastardy was not known or heard of once in ten years.

  13. Agesilaus likewise alleged, that the bastardy of Leotychides was witnessed to by Neptune, who threw Agis out of bed by a violent earthquake, after which time he ceased to visit his wife, yet Leotychides was born above ten months after this.

  14. In face of the iniquity of our bastardy laws we may well pause to doubt the traditional ideas of our sexual code and conventional morality.

  15. During the year 1904 there was only one case of bastardy within a radius of ten miles of the court house.

  16. Some years ago, before the home life and economic condition of the people had improved, bastardy was common in Gloucester County.

  17. In 1903 there were only eight cases of bastardy reported in the whole county, and two of those were among the white population.

  18. One has only to ask oneself whether or not it would help the legislator in remodelling the divorce or the bastardy laws if he had conjoined with him an unmarried militant suffragist as assessor.

  19. The law of bastardy [illegitimate childbirth] is what it is because of the dangers of blackmail.

  20. Sits not the stamp accursed Of bastardy upon my brow, to dim The gems that in my coronet might sparkle?

  21. The bar of bastardy is on my shield; The bar of alienation, mock alliance, Pride trampling on the outraged laws of decency.

  22. When a pauper had brought about trouble under the Bastardy Laws Dogberry first used the arm of the law by apprehending him, and then the subtle methods of diplomacy by marrying him.

  23. The conclusion to which the commissioners came was that the laws "which respect bastardy appear to be pre-eminently unwise," and that they gave rise to many abuses.

  24. Their royal blood prescribed that they must mate with princes; their bastardy raised obstacles to their doing so.

  25. Their royal blood set them in a class apart; their bastardy denied them the worldly advantages of that spurious eminence.

  26. That with this view he did not create his own son prince of Wales till after he had proved the bastardy of his brother's children.

  27. That the ensuing parliament ratified the act of the convention, and confirmed the bastardy of Edward's children.

  28. All are agreed, however, that the powers of one or the other of the two special courts should be enlarged to cover bastardy cases, where this is not now done.

  29. The Chicago Juvenile Protective Association, however, has made a study of 89 forced marriages which were brought about in connection with bastardy proceedings.

  30. The ideal court would include in connection with the foregoing functions, adoption of children, the issuing of marriage licenses, and bastardy cases.

  31. In Scotland and Ireland the bastardy laws are different, and if he is abroad or under orders to go abroad action cannot be taken.

  32. Yet before it can be done we shall need an immediate and great reform of our bad and antiquated bastardy and affiliation laws.

  33. The bastardy laws in Scotland and Ireland are different from the English laws, and therefore the figures for these countries are not given.

  34. By the Bastardy Laws Amendment Act, 1872, the mother must apply to a justice of the peace for a summons to be served on the man alleged by her to be the father of her child.

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