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Example sentences for "bevelling"

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  1. Also, the bevelling of any piece of timber or plank to any required angle: as the bearding of dead wood, clamps, &c.

  2. In marine architecture, implies those frames which are square with the line of the keel, having no bevelling upon them.

  3. Any alteration from a square in hewing timber, as taken by the bevel, bevelling rule, or bevelling boards.

  4. An instrument by which bevelling angles are taken.

  5. The principle is that bevelling off the front edge of the cutter, as shown in Fig.

  6. This may, however, be remedied to a great extent by bevelling off the ends from the outside as shown in Fig.

  7. The degree of bevelling required can be determined by laying a board across (Fig.

  8. The bevelling of the edges of the top and front boards can be done after the box is put together (see Bevelling).

  9. Other forms involving bevelling and dovetailing are shown in Figs.

  10. This looks well and saves the need of bevelling the edges of the roof-boards.

  11. In cutting off a corner or rounding or bevelling an edge you can use the slanting cut (Fig.

  12. The most difficult part is the bevelling of the joints (see Bevelling).

  13. The bevelling should be regular, especially at the bottom, so as not to produce holes or excess of thickness at the bottom of the bevel.

  14. Bevelling the edges to be joined is not necessary below a thickness of 1/8 in.

  15. The bevelling of the edges may be done by chipping or grinding, etc.

  16. Bevelling is not generally practised below a thickness of 3/32 in.

  17. The bevelling should be regular, especially at the bottom, so as not to produce holes or excess thickness at the bottom of the bevel.

  18. This was done by bevelling the edges as shown in h and the bevel gradually cut back to the centre line, as shown at i and j.

  19. This bevelling could have been done readily with the knife, but much time was saved by using the plane, always doing the long sides first.

  20. The bevelling of the curves at the ends was the only new feature of the knife work.

  21. When in situ it is accommodated by the Cutigeral Groove, a cavity produced by the bevelling out of the superior portion of the inner face of the wall of the hoof.

  22. In this case prevention may be brought about either by shoeing with a shoe whose ground surface is wholly concave, or by bevelling off the sharp border (see Fig.

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