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  1. As a fact, a dispassionate analysis of the case will show that why many such do not use alcoholic beverages to excess is because intoxication has no charm for them.

  2. Now it is Hogan's theory that if light wines and lager beer were made the common beverages of the people, there would be a steady decrease in drunkenness.

  3. Let us not undertake the impossible task of shutting off this stimulus--of preventing men from drinking altogether--but rather let us seek to make the beverages comparatively harmless.

  4. Ben furnished him with beer and light wines, and gave him to understand that he might use these beverages as freely as he cared to.

  5. They monitor drinking establishments to ascertain that alcoholic beverages are not served to alcoholics, obviously drunken persons, juveniles, and drivers of motor vehicles.

  6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is common enough in typical families so that early exposure to it is considered natural, but its use by young people became excessive enough to be considered a national problem in the mid-1960s.

  7. The sale of meat, meat products, and alcoholic beverages in cooperative markets is prohibited as is also the sale of any product through middlemen.

  8. Some very puzzling differences of opinion about the use of alcoholic beverages find expression.

  9. The prices of strong beverages run about the same as in the United States.

  10. Plants so unlike in external appearance, and living in districts so remote from each other, first get to be used in similar ways in the preparation of beverages for millions of the human race.

  11. These agreeable artificial beverages are principally prepared by the agency of boiling water, and the leaves and seeds of certain vegetables, which are cultivated for the purpose very extensively in various quarters of the globe.

  12. Although these favorite beverages are now so extensively used, this has not been very long the case.

  13. The first day I showed how alcoholic beverages were biting like a serpent and stinging like an adder, by destroying the lungs, the brains, and the liver; the nerves and the muscles; the blood and the very life of man.

  14. How can we expect that the people will forever give up beverages which they honestly, though ignorantly, believe to be beneficial and necessary to their body?

  15. Yet the first step must in this case be the study of the effects of the isolated caffein, before the total influences of the familiar beverages can be followed up.

  16. For that purpose it was necessary to eliminate the odor, and this was accomplished by introducing the beverages into the organism by a stomach pump.

  17. Now, my sideboard 'as doors and shelves all convenient one side, and a reg'lar cellar for beverages on the other.

  18. Hot beverages will warm the skin more rapidly and powerfully than any alcoholic liquor.

  19. Ethyl alcohol, the alcohol in all intoxicating beverages in common use, and the alcohol generally used in medicine, creates a fatal craving for itself, and is injurious to the body.

  20. I have endeavored by personal example and earnest council to dissuade my patients from the use of intoxicating beverages and medicines.

  21. The user of alcoholics as beverages always excuses himself, if hard pressed by abstainers, upon the ground that they must be of service or doctors would not recommend them so frequently.

  22. It is impossible that alcoholic beverages can add anything to the nutrition of either the infant or mother.

  23. Even those who were abstainers from liquors as beverages distrusted him for not using these things as medicines.

  24. My own deliberate conviction is that nothing but harm comes to nursing mothers, and to the infants who are dependent upon them, by the ordinary use of alcoholic beverages of any kind.

  25. The examinations made for the Post Office Department revealed the fact that a great many of the so-called medicines on the market were intoxicating beverages in disguise.

  26. The use of alcoholic beverages rests not on argument but on habit, custom.

  27. There has been during this period no increase in the proportion of surgical cases among the whole number treated, so that the decreased use of medicines and alcoholic beverages has not resulted from an increased resort to surgical remedies.

  28. Among secondary and accidental causes are sudden changes of temperature, checked perspiration, and the use of indigestible food, and food and beverages in a state of incipient decomposition.

  29. Lemonade, made by squeezing a lemon into a tumbler of water, and sweetening the mixture with a little sugar, is one of the best beverages on these occasions.

  30. It is, moreover, the essential principle of tea, of Paraguay tea, and of Guarana, infusions of which are used as beverages in different parts of the world.

  31. The most suitable beverages are toast-and-water, and a little good brandy largely diluted with water.

  32. Other foods and beverages may be, and are, from time to time contaminated in some small degree with bacteria or their spores.

  33. Many of the above organisms, with others, produce "slimy" fermentation in alcoholic beverages as well as in milk.

  34. Milk, and next to it, cocoa, are the best beverages for the mother.

  35. These are pure stimulants, supplying no tissue-building element, and taking the place of nutritious beverages that do, such as milk and cocoa.

  36. Despite the limitations of rooms and furnishings, the frontier cabin was ever open to the weary traveler, and spirited conversation and beverages were always available to revive him.

  37. In time, the gristmill owners also operated distilleries, converting the pioneer's wheat, rye, and barley into spirited beverages which were freely imbibed along this and other frontiers.

  38. Raki and mastic, the favourite beverages of this part of Europe, are drinkable: that is all that can be said for them.

  39. Perhaps it is in consequence of the well-known antipathy between these beverages and the pashaic stomach that so many of these distinguished men have taken to Veuve Cliquot, notwithstanding the Koran's strict ordinance.

  40. The subject of PUNCH is such an important one that it may be placed first on the list of dainty beverages which can be made by the art or application of man or woman.

  41. One of the daintiest of beverages is a Moselle Cup.

  42. Drinks It has been stated before that coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

  43. Other desirable and unobjectionable additions to beverages are flaked nuts or bananas mashed to a liquid.

  44. It is a settled conviction among Americans of Puritan antecedents, and among all other Americans, native born or alien, that have come under Puritan influence, that the dispensing of alcoholic beverages is a degrading function.

  45. II In the country at large the property interests involved in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages are already excommunicated.

  46. Book and news dealers, sellers of edibles, beverages and cigars, who seemed to have plenty of customers, were continually circulating in the aisles.

  47. It is well in such cases to employ the different alcoholic beverages at bedtime.

  48. Respiratory stimulants are then indicated, and sleep must be allured by the use of alcoholic beverages and moderate doses of chloral hydrate, with musk and camphor.

  49. Old Mr. Baines, the proprietor of the Aerated Beverages Manufactory at Tilehurst, died of diabetes in 1906.

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