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Example sentences for "biddings"

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biddes; biddest; biddeth; biddies; bidding; bide; bided; bides; bideth; bidh
  1. So they opened the biddings at five hundred dinars and they ceased not contending[FN#92] thereanent till the price went up to nine hundred and fifty gold pieces.

  2. All this time and I looked on nor did I interfere by speaking a syllable or by adding to the biddings a single bit of gold.

  3. These words abashed Nur al-Din and he blushed and said to the broker, "How high are the biddings for her?

  4. Then the broker went up to her Persian master and said to him, "The biddings for this thy slavegirl have reached nine hundred and fifty dinars: so say me, wilt thou sell her at that price and take the money?

  5. I am sorry about my biddings to-day," said Giles.

  6. So the broker opened the biddings for her at that sum and as he was yet calling, behold, the Vizier Muin ben Sawa passed through the market and seeing Noureddin standing in a corner, said to himself, 'What doth the son of Khacan here?

  7. It was among his pleasant ways to attend book-sales, there to watch the biddings of persons on whose judgment he relied, and cut in as the contest was becoming critical.

  8. Such was the result of judiciously drawing him on, by biddings for valueless books, on the part of those whom he had outbid in the objects of their desire.

  9. This field of prowess has, it is said, undergone a prejudicial change in these days, the biddings being nearly all by dealers, while gentlemen-collectors are gradually moving out of the field.

  10. Again a pause ensued; but anon the biddings rose rapidly to five hundred guineas.

  11. In old days one might have reaped for himself, by bold and emphatic biddings at a few auctions, a niche in that temple of fame, of which the presiding deity is Dr Frognal Dibdin--a name familiarly abbreviated into that of Foggy Dibdin.

  12. There was a notable drop in the biddings for the imperfect copies of Chaucer from Caxton's press, and a host of items went for next to nothing, which in an inferior sale would have realised far more.

  13. This system was somewhat less inconvenient than it at first sight strikes us as being, since the property was lotted to a much larger extent in parcels and bundles, and the biddings were apt to be comparatively fewer.

  14. It has been remarked as a singular circumstance that in the seventeenth century penny biddings were usual; but it was the silver penny of those days, and we have to remember the higher purchasing value of money.

  15. The latter are spectators, or proprietors, or individuals whose biddings are given from the rostrum by proxy.

  16. Most of the "lots" bore the examination of their points with a kind of placid dignity, and only showed some little interest when the biddings grew keen and flattered their pride.

  17. The biddings for the Royal Library did actually stop at that point; a celebrated collector, Mr. Edwards, became the purchaser by adding three pounds more.

  18. The biddings for the royal library did actually stop at that point; and Mr. Edwards carried off the prize by adding three pounds more.

  19. I am not fully informed, but what I know looks as if the Irish party so-called in parliament, excited by the high biddings of Lord Randolph, had changed what was undoubtedly Parnell's ground until within a very short time back.

  20. The price registered in Evans's sale catalogue is L1500, and the purchaser is given as Scordet, but the book was really bought in, and it is said that few of the biddings for it were genuine.

  21. At this time biddings of a penny were common.

  22. Mind not the nonsensical biddings of those common fellows.

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