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Example sentences for "bloodier"

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  1. They were carrying the 2d and 8th Marines (infantry regiments) of the 2d Marine Division on a mission of deception that turned out to be far bloodier than the White Beach landings and far bloodier than anyone had anticipated.

  2. It was exceeded in our Civil war only by Gettysburg and the Wilderness; compares with Waterloo, and twice bloodier than Wagram or Austerlitz.

  3. It was three times bloodier than Austerlitz, after which battle it is said Napoleon's triumphant march from Freize to Paris was more grand than Queen Elizabeth's tour of England after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

  4. Oh, had Augustus Only headed his army,-- He should lie bloodier there!

  5. But redder yet that light shall glow On Linden's hills of stainèd snow, And bloodier yet the torrent flow Of Iser, rolling rapidly.

  6. The struggle for the mountain produced still bloodier combats.

  7. A conflict, close and desperate, like that of Salamanca, conferred a sanguinary victory, while it involved a still bloodier defeat.

  8. Never was there a shorter, and never a bloodier conflict.

  9. There is not on record a bloodier struggle.

  10. No bloodier cruelty disgraces the records of the papacy than the persecutions endured by the ancestors of the twenty thousand Waldenses now surviving.

  11. No bloodier struggle was fought during the Allied offensive in 1917 than here at Bullecourt.

  12. Before I was eight years old I had heard the tale of Gabriel’s projected insurrection, and of the bloodier outbreak of murderous fury led by Nat Turner, the petted favorite of a trusting master.

  13. After a single day of rest, the struggle was resumed on the 18th, when the still bloodier and more desperate battle of Gravelotte was fought.

  14. Then broke out in France a series of family wars, darker and bloodier than any which had gone before.

  15. The Todtenritt, as the Germans call it, was a wonderful exploit, a second Balaclava charge and a bloodier one; and there was this distinction that it had a purpose and that that purpose was achieved.

  16. Spite of inferiority of weapons the battles of that period were bloodier than those of the present, and it is a mathematically demonstrable proposition that the heavier the slaughter of combatants the nearer must be the end of a war.

  17. A bloodier battle, in proportion to the numbers engaged, was never fought than this.

  18. A bloodier battle, considering the numbers, was scarce ever fought.

  19. The ghosts of poets walk within this place, And haunt us actors wheresoe'er we pass, In visions bloodier than King Richard's was.

  20. If thou would'st yet a bloodier tyrant be, I will instruct thy rage; begin with me.

  21. Once bloody mortals--and now bloodier idols, 30 If your priests lie not!

  22. There is in the literature of the world no bloodier code.

  23. Maximilian sighed as he reflected on the probability that a far shorter and bloodier event might defeat every earthly hope, within the next twenty-four hours.

  24. The bait may consist of a piece of chicken, rabbit or any tough bit of meat so long as it is fresh and the bloodier the better.

  25. Remember that the fresher and bloodier the bait the better--animals will scent it much quicker.

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