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Example sentences for "blunders"

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blundered; blunderer; blunderers; blundering; blunderingly; blunt; blunted; blunter; blunting; bluntly
  1. After all their blunders and impotent struggles against a stronger power, if they had passed that Bill, or restored Stanley's in committee, and returned it to the House of Commons, I believe everything might have been retrieved.

  2. I am a novice, and my blunders will set every one against me, if you do not give me your counsel.

  3. Restaud; and with the youthful audacity that commits prodigious blunders or achieves signal success, he said to himself, "This is my rival; I mean to cut him out.

  4. Such blunders must necessarily be committed by every man who mutilates parts of a great work, without taking a comprehensive view of the whole.

  5. As a satire the piece is a failure, for the simple reason that the substance of it might well pass for a perfectly true, no less than a very eloquent statement of social blunders and calamities.

  6. The cartoon is accompanied by this comment:-- The Duke has made his political blunders and in his time talked political nonsense as well as his inferiors.

  7. Several blunders of a lesser order marked the first stages of the campaign.

  8. Then youth will be spared the blunders and the pain and the unconscious self-destruction that to-day leaves scarcely anyone untouched.

  9. Afterwards I fell in with Charles Villiers, and talked over the fall of the Government, which he attributed, as I do, to the enormous and inconceivable blunders which his friends committed.

  10. The general complaint is that nothing is done in Parliament, and that there is a general apathy, under the continuance of which the Government gets on without hindrance, while their faults or blunders pass unchecked.

  11. Before I went away the impression had become general that this Government neither could nor ought to be endured much longer, and that their repeated and enormous blunders made them a nuisance which must be abated.

  12. One of John Wanamaker's partners says that unnecessary blunders and mistakes cost that firm twenty-five thousand dollars a year.

  13. But many a great orator went through the same sort of experience, when he first attempted to speak in public and was often deeply humiliated by his blunders and failures.

  14. The history of the human race is full of the most horrible tragedies caused by carelessness and the inexcusable blunders of those who never formed the habit of accuracy, of thoroughness, of doing things to a finish.

  15. There is only one thing to do with bitter experiences, blunders and unfortunate mistakes, or with memories that worry us and which kill our efficiency, and that is to forget them, bury them!

  16. We here see how a father who wrote so soon after the apostolic age, blunders egregiously respecting the history of the Apostolic Church.

  17. The chronological blunders in these Epistles betray their forgery.

  18. We are not the sport of chance, not the slaves of fate, but free men; and yet through our freedom, through our blunders and rebellions and sins as well as through our obedience, the work of God is moving to its conclusion.

  19. Foreigners do not open their minds to one who blunders about their meaning; they consider him to be a sort of child, and address to him "easy things to understand.

  20. The advocates of the sexual selection theory might have avoided many grotesque blunders had they possessed a sense of humor to counterbalance and control their erudition.

  21. Many fatal blunders in comparative psychology and sociology can be traced to the ignoring of this fact.

  22. Urvasi takes her part, but her thoughts are so incessantly with the king that she blunders repeatedly.

  23. To any one who has followed the sad story of our Commissariat blunders and shortcomings, the employment of this--the first administrative mind of our day--will be matter for just gratification.

  24. This Man blunders out this horrible expression.

  25. Tis because he blunders out Proverbs upon all Occasions, tho' never so far from the purpose.

  26. It is hard work to struggle against a dead rival, never present to make blunders and fall out of favor, nothing of him left but his better qualities.

  27. The strokes he made were vile; and so transparent were some of his blunders that any one but Squire Luke would have seen and asked what it meant.

  28. And the best men of the best epochs are simply those who make the fewest blunders and commit the fewest sins.

  29. Once more, I venture to point out that training in the use of the weapons of precision of science may have its value in historical studies, if only in preventing the occurrence of droll blunders in geography.

  30. Singha blunders ridiculously, while the Burdwan translator limits them to only the use of food, supposing the commentator's concrete examples exhaust the meaning.

  31. The Burdwan translator, as usual, blunders in rendering it.

  32. Singha blunders in rendering the second half of the first line.

  33. So also the most happily situated nations must suffer from internal discord, the blunders of statesmen, and the madness of the people.

  34. John of Skye is cock-a-hoop upon the occasion, and I suppose has made fifty blunders about it by this time.

  35. I'm sorry, darned sorry, to find out that you can make such blunders after three years on board here under such teachin' as you've had.

  36. Captain Zelotes himself had said that every item concerning his grandson's mistakes and blunders had been dragged from Mr. Keeler much against the latter's will.

  37. Don Agostino was determined that if more blunders were committed, he would at all events do all that lay in his power to prevent the people themselves from furnishing any excuse for these blunders.

  38. Palmerston seemed to consider all the blunders he made about these offices rather a good joke than a mischievous gaucherie.

  39. Lord John seems for some time past to have been bereft of his senses, and to commit nothing but blunders one after another.

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