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Example sentences for "buzzers"

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buzz; buzzard; buzzards; buzzed; buzzer; buzzes; buzzing; buzzum; bwoken; bwoy
  1. Bells and Buzzers Can Tell a Lot Electric bells and buzzers use the same basic principle as the telegraph system, invented by Samuel Morse in 1840.

  2. Most bells and buzzers are now powered through transformers.

  3. After you have thought about this, and talked it over with members of your family, show locations on your plan where you think you would like to have buzzers or bells, and show a button beside each telephone.

  4. Also, various alarms employing bells and buzzers warn us when it's time to get up, or even that the place is on fire, or that a burglar is trying to break in!

  5. Demonstrations You Can Give Build a demonstration board incorporating a farm or home layout, with pushbuttons or other controls and bells and buzzers appropriately located.

  6. If the nature of the message is like one of those mentioned, and the number of people in hearing is not too great, then perhaps you can use bells or buzzers or both to do some of your messenger work for you.

  7. Learn how bells and buzzers work, and learn about the many different kinds.

  8. Let's find out how bells and buzzers work, what different kinds there are, the different ways you can control them, and how you can put them to work for you.

  9. Buzzers work exactly the same way, except that they do not have a bell and depend instead on the vibration of the armature for a noise that's not as loud or as musical.

  10. A Special Kind of Electricity Most buzzers and bells work on a much lower voltage than you normally find in the wires in your house.

  11. You'll find that buzzers and bells can help you with your 4-H projects, and with the proper controls, can be your eyes and voice in a dozen places at once.

  12. Buzzers could now be sold without enquiry as to the use to which the purchaser proposed to put them!

  13. But there was a magnanimous relaxation in the Defence Regulations when the Post Office notified manufacturers of electrical apparatus that restriction on the sale of buzzers had been removed.

  14. We took the girls into Bonnell's Museum, at Eighth Street and Broadway, and saw a howling border melodrama, in which wild Indians were as thick as Moll-buzzers in 1884.

  15. Yet I know thieves who continue to be Moll-buzzers all their lives; and who are low enough to make their living entirely off poor working girls.

  16. The self-respecting grafter detests this kind; and, indeed, these buzzers never see prosperous days after their boyhood.

  17. Buzzers and indeed all the telegraph circuits consist of one wire and the earth, which is quite different.

  18. Buzzers are not used for very long lines: forty miles is about the limit, and usually the distances are very much less.

  19. Diagram of the vibrating mechanism used in buzzers and doorbells.

  20. The contractor shall furnish, install and connect all push buttons, bells, buzzers and annunciators, as shown on plans or therein described.

  21. And she--" A high gong note sounded somewhere, touching off an explosion of warning bells and buzzers all over the enormous building.

  22. Bart was stretched taut all the time, listening for the small codelike buzzers and ticks that warned him of filled tanks, leads in need of servicing, answers ready.

  23. The concussion of the previous explosion had set off the "open-fire" buzzers at the gun positions--these buzzers being the usual signals for dropping the false work that concealed the guns and beginning the fight.

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