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  1. But the cameraman had nimbly sought sanctuary in the dark-room.

  2. Illustration] "Somebody better open it for her," the cameraman suggested.

  3. The WHAA channel 8 cameraman and I were left in the back seat.

  4. At Chester's suggestion, it was arranged that his cameraman should accompany me during such portion of the journey as the weather was favourable to moving picture work.

  5. After that we were two--just the cameraman and myself, with the skiff.

  6. Chester's cameraman met me with a car at the station, and we rode a mile to the hotel at Invermere, on the heights above the lake.

  7. He had ordered his cameraman to Windermere, where full directions for the trip to the glaciers awaited him.

  8. In the event I decided to continue on down the river he would be glad to have his cameraman accompany me as long as the weather and light were favourable for his work.

  9. The cameraman was still untouched by the successive waves of fear and joyfulness.

  10. But the sheep and the cameraman could not distract my attention from the appearance of a trap which the basin of grass was assuming, while Gootes was so volatile he couldnt even put on a simulated stoicism.

  11. In a way he reminded me of the cameraman Slafe in his brooding obliviousness to everything except the grass; but Slafe had been doing a job for which he was being paid, whereas Joe was only yielding to his own mood.

  12. Part-time television news cameraman with WFAA-TV in Dallas.

  13. He kept standing in front of the door and he would let a cameraman in or someone to interview us and they were shooting things in our faces, and he wouldn't let us out.

  14. No; this is a sign between the cameraman and the President.

  15. As he comes out from behind the sign that obstructs the cameraman from the President.

  16. I used to be a cameraman before I got crazy and started to write.

  17. If you're planning to use a news cameraman up here--don't!

  18. The cameraman cannot place it in position to take all the pictures that you might be able to take with a snap-shot camera held between the hands.

  19. Exteriors require the greatest amount of attention from the cameraman because of the varying light and shade and the mobility of the camera itself and its liability to accident.

  20. On the side of the motion-picture camera is an indicator, by which is computed the exact number of feet exposed each time the cameraman turns the handle.

  21. On the first "take" the characters go through the business already rehearsed, and the director keeps careful track of just when each important move is made by counting while the cameraman turns the crank.

  22. In other words, do not mistake an effect produced by trick photography for one that is merely the result of exceptional care and work on the part of both cameraman and director.

  23. After the cameraman had taken Scene 3, which shows Freeman and the Doctor riding to the ranch, he could probably find a suitable background for the scene showing Steve riding toward the town, by merely turning his camera half way around.

  24. The cameraman stops turning, looks at the indicator, and announces "Seventy-five!

  25. The cameraman who had been grinding away steadily had deserted the bus and was dragging his camera with him.

  26. The cameraman who had ground away steadily through the thick of the raging flames crept over to his machine.

  27. Janet saw the cameraman working, but she knew their work had progressed far enough so the absence of one man would not make a great deal of difference.

  28. Billy Fenstow and Curt Newsom were crouched beside the cameraman who was still grinding away at the red terror.

  29. Had you had any prior experience as a cameraman when you became employed by Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall?

  30. In the court was at that moment one cameraman from WDSU, and he make--he did an interview to Oswald after the trial and he took some movies of ourselves, and later I receive one phone call from Bill Stuckey.

  31. She had already been elaborately tested and re-tested, of course, by the cameraman under contract with Linda Lee Inc.

  32. The cameraman stopped cranking and, resting an elbow on his camera, turned with a satiric grin to observe developments.

  33. Now as Nolan with a frantic wave bade the cameraman cease cranking, she made a sign of helpless appeal and, inarticulate with mirth, rested weakly against the door and held her sides.

  34. And she derived a little comfort from the belief that the cameraman was on her side.

  35. Neither Lynn nor Joseph Jacques, his director, was in evidence, but the cameraman said the two of them had retired to the director's office for a conference.

  36. Excuse me, Mrs. Druce, want to introduce you to Mr. Jack Timilty, best little cameraman ever turned a crank.

  37. Well, it's hard to believe, but if you mean it, the Culps and their cameraman would seem to have been right.

  38. I heard five different versions yesterday, myself, before your cameraman told mine what I imagine was the approximate truth.

  39. The cameraman grinned sheepishly and preferred a diffident hand.

  40. That sort of thing just isn't done," he told the cameraman with an Olympian smile.

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