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Example sentences for "cannily"

Lexicographically close words:
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  1. Send the horsemen back to their post, cannily and quietly; see an they winna hae wark the night, ay will they: the guns will flash and the swords will glitter in the braw moon.

  2. The result was that in about ten days he sent Walter Clifford a letter and the draft of a lease, very favorable to the landlord on the whole, but cannily inserting one unusual clause that looked inoffensive.

  3. No, he accumulates them cannily until he is twenty, but never says a word.

  4. I, with some of his wish for my fortune, riding cannily into Inneraora town in the dark.

  5. By-and-by the landlord came cannily up to me and whispered in my ear a sort of apology for the rabble of his house.

  6. Let me go into it cannily at night-fall from the Cromalt end, when the boys and girls were dancing on the green to the pipes at the end of a harvest-day.

  7. On one occasion only he cannily indemnified his narrative for this drawback.

  8. And how about midnight a sly monk had stolen out, but had by him and others been as cannily followed into the garden, and seen to thrust his hand into the ivy and out with a ropeladder.

  9. And how about midnight a sly monk had stolen out, but had by him and others been as cannily followed into the garden, and seen to thrust his hand into the ivy and out with a rope-ladder.

  10. There is on record an illustrative, and indeed an illustrious, instance of such cannily gainful consumption of man-power carried out systematically and with consistently profitable effect in one of the staple industries of the country.

  11. Peggy, hinny, gang saddle the gentleman's horse, and lead him cannily ahint the thorny shaw, and bide him there.

  12. The neist thing's to get him cannily awa the morn, and I judge he'll be in nae hurry to come back again.

  13. We could do cannily with one, master," said Jenny.

  14. But it would hardly be safe to stop for that; and if ye're ready and willing, I'se get ye off cannily afther it's dark.

  15. For me, I was waiting cannily until he should actually ask to see those manuscripts I had brought to Willoughby Hall, and should help me to get them published.

  16. So Master Robert Bruce and I rode daintily and cannily along the riverside, till we came to the ford of the mill which is beneath the house of Kerse.

  17. When desire of news assailed her, she could easily conceal her personal resentments, cannily sacrificing small issues to great.

  18. If it was drink she would move very promptly and directly: if love, cannily and by devious ways.

  19. They had, as Sam cannily observed, the advantages of a private room at an hotel without paying for it--and abrogated them.

  20. Therefore, I keep cannily out of all discussion of Honor's voice.

  21. He was eager to get home but cannily aware of his own especial risk,--two wealthy Americans having been recently taken and held for ransom.

  22. The little steer picked his way over these cannily enough, but the sledge would only follow if assisted, and so one or other of us had constantly to tail on behind to keep it in the paths of rectitude.

  23. The two Lapps unshipped their paddles, and punted cannily up the rapids with eight-foot poles.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cannily" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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