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Example sentences for "cardiovascular"

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  1. Coupled with these cardiovascular changes is a reduction of 10 percent in the basal metabolic rate.

  2. He stated that the physiological systems likely to be most affected by weightlessness were the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, and the equilibrium senses.

  3. A study of the relationships among renal and systemic hemodynamics, neurohumoral cardiovascular regulation, and renal excretory function in differently positioned subjects is underway, as are studies of acceleration tolerance.

  4. Rhythmic phenomena are found in the cardiovascular system of normal humans.

  5. Janeway sums up his conclusions by stating that "from the time of the development of symptoms indicative of cardiovascular or renal disease, four years will witness the death of half the men and five years of half the women.

  6. And yet an applicant revealing such a state of the cardiovascular system without albumin in the urine should unhesitatingly be declined.

  7. This suggests what might be called "familial cardiovascular syphilis.

  8. There were cardiovascular changes, such as myocarditis, aortitis, valvular heart disease and arteriosclerosis in chronic alcoholics in 54.

  9. Within the past years it has been found that a large percentage of patients with cardiovascular disease give the Wassermann reaction.

  10. Hypertensive cardiovascular cases have been serologically studied, and a positive Wassermann reaction found in a large percentage of one series.

  11. He says, "There are no cardiovascular symptoms which might be termed characteristic of chronic alcoholism, unless it be the peculiar fetal qualities of the heart sounds which we know as embryocardia.

  12. I believe it, nevertheless, to be good reasoning to ascribe the bulk of cardiovascular symptoms to the sclerogenic action of alcohol, while abstaining from an interpretation of its pathogenesis.

  13. There was no evidence of cardiovascular or other disease.

  14. Patients with tuberculosis, decompensating cardiovascular lesions, or other advanced organic disease, may have serious complications precipitated by esophagoscopy.

  15. The cardiovascular system has been given but scant attention in connection with scurvy.

  16. If the adrenals cannot endure the strain, cardiovascular disease may develop.

  17. In this hypothesis we find a reason why cardiovascular disease may be caused by chronic infection, by auto-intoxication, by overwork, or by emotional excitation.

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