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Example sentences for "castling"

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  1. The operation of Castling can only be performed once on each side in a game, and that under the following conditions:-- 1.

  2. In Castling it is always best to move the K first to show clearly that Castling is the move intended.

  3. The young player must also remember that though the K be on his own square, and the R on its square with no intervening piece, yet Castling cannot be performed if either the K or R has moved, and then come back to his original square.

  4. In Castling it will be observed that the K moves two squares (to the right or left, as the case may be), and the R leaps over him to the adjoining square.

  5. False castling is liable to the same penalties as a false move.

  6. When a player gives the odds of a rook, he does not relinquish the right of castling on the side from which the rook has been taken, all other conditions being lawful, as if the rook were in its place.

  7. Castling dates no farther back than the first half of the 16th century.

  8. Castling Only once in a game is a player allowed to move more than one piece at a time.

  9. In castling the King moves two squares toward the Rook and the Rook is placed on the square over which the King has passed.

  10. Another square which after castling on the King side is often the mark of attack for the Queen in connection with either Knight or Bishop, is the one immediately in front of the King in the Knight's file.

  11. The pinning of the King's Knight, however, is not advisable in positions in which the opponent has the option of castling to the Queen's side.

  12. When castling on the King side a player must always beware of an attack by the Queen and another piece on the King's Rook's Pawn.

  13. In castling, the King must be moved first as otherwise a doubt might arise whether castling or a Rook's move only was intended.

  14. Its special feature is that White exposes himself to a check, which compels him to move his King, and thus loses the privilege of castling without gaining such an immediate attack as in the Salvio.

  15. Kt to Kt 3 And Black even without Castling may assume the counter-attack with R to Kt sq.

  16. Now he has to prevent White's Knight from moving to B 5, attacking the Queen, but in doing so he weakens his King's position for the purpose of castling on the King's side.

  17. K-Q1 There can be no advantage in forfeiting the option of castling unless there be no other way of getting the King into safety and of bringing the Rooks into concerted action.

  18. Castling is only allowed if neither the King nor the Rook concerned have moved before, and if there is no piece between the Rook and King.

  19. In order to avoid this continuation, White takes his chance of castling on the Queen's side.

  20. Black would thus forfeit his chance of castling and lose much time in bringing the King into safety and the Rooks into play.

  21. His King's side is bare, and castling would be fraught with danger.

  22. Black should retain the option of castling QR, in case White exchanges at his KB6; P-QKt3 and B-Kt2 would have been better.

  23. But as P-QB4 is necessary in order to break up the centre, castling KR is the right course.

  24. If the Rook is moved first, and unless the King is played almost simultaneously, a doubt might arise whether castling or a Rook's move only was intended.

  25. P-Q3 is unwise, since White exchanges pawns and then Queens, by which Black loses his chance of castling and impedes the development of his Rooks.

  26. In the latter case Black can refrain from castling altogether and counter-attack on the King's wing, e.

  27. This is much stronger than the alternative P-QKt3, which would fatally disturb the pawn skeleton, particularly as castling is only possible on the Q side.

  28. He would, however, lose his chance of castling through Black's Q-K2.

  29. In consequence Black decides to forfeit castling and to bring his KR to bear on the KB file.

  30. White derives no benefit from the KB file so long as the Black Bishop makes castling impossible.

  31. Castling is not permitted if the King in castling must pass over a square attacked by a hostile piece.

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