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Example sentences for "cavorting"

Lexicographically close words:
cavilling; cavils; caving; cavities; cavity; cavum; cawdle; cawed; cawing; cawn
  1. Instantly Tzaritza bounded up from beneath some shrubbery where she had lain hidden, and cavorting to the horses' heads made playful snaps at their muzzles.

  2. For several hours the Nautilus drifted in this brilliant tide, and our wonderment grew when we saw huge marine animals cavorting in it, like the fire-dwelling salamanders of myth.

  3. From the lounge, where I was writing up the incidents of this excursion to the polar continent, I could hear the calls of petrel and albatross cavorting in the midst of the turmoil.

  4. Cavorting around the Nautilus was a school of triggerfish with flat bodies, grainy skins, armed with stings on their dorsal fins, and with four prickly rows of quills quivering on both sides of their tails.

  5. Captain Nemo observed the herd of cetaceans cavorting on the waters a mile from the Nautilus.

  6. The cavorting of the nymphs and satyrs became somewhat obscene, but Rafe didn't bother to correct it.

  7. Against that background, rose-pink nude girls were cavorting with pale mauve satyrs.

  8. If we hadn't been cavorting round this yer spot for the last half hour, I'd swear there was a shanty not a hundred yards away," said the sheriff.

  9. I read how you were hiding here, under Dunn'th very nothe, with his whole pothe out, cavorting round and barkin' up the wrong tree.

  10. And toward spring, in spite of the cavorting lambs and waddling ducks in the little waiting, empty room upstairs, Eleanor yielded.

  11. By and by the men stopped cavorting around and yelling.

  12. It was all accomplished so speedily, that it seemed but a medley of heels, of wildly cavorting mule, of scrambling, falling men.

  13. He whirligigged and pirouetted, dancing and cavorting round like an inebriated ape.

  14. I knew, for I turned suddenly and caught the grand piano cavorting in a spacious corner of the room.

  15. I knew him at once among the cavorting throng of challenging devils.

  16. We boys used to play under this platform jumping from one support to another and then finish up by running down the steps and cavorting joyously under the falls.

  17. The dog was heading for them straight as an arrow; barking and cavorting in a fashion wonderful to see.

  18. Everything they had done in the way of cavorting in the complex measures of their former dance, seemed to be nothing to what was expected of them in the last grand splurge.

  19. And in the middle of it all, our guns made so much noise that before we heard them we saw them--two airplanes, whirring and cavorting about and above us.

  20. Three or four of the wounded, who had all that day been cavorting around deck, saw the dramatic values and assumed most languid poses.

  21. If you'd find some time to attend prayers instead of cavorting round over town, it wouldn't hurt you any.

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