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Example sentences for "chaired"

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chainless; chainman; chains; chair; chaire; chairge; chairing; chairman; chairmanship; chairmen
  1. An Air Force spokesman recommended the creation of special regional and local community committees, chaired by representatives of the Housing and Home Finance Agency and including members from all major federal agencies.

  2. Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity chaired by the Vice President.

  3. He was chaired amidst the hisses, groans, and hootings of an immense majority of the population.

  4. Lucille and Damocles could not be said to have left the cane-chaired group about the rustic tables and cake-stands at any given moment.

  5. Dam was wildly cheered and chaired and thence-forth was as popular and as admired as he had been shunned and despised.

  6. Fox, after being chaired in great pomp through the streets, was finally carried into the court-yard of Carlton House.

  7. In the distance, a second chaired member is skilfully indicated, of whom the shadow only is seen, projected on a wall, while he is carried along to the evident risk of limb and life, as his gesticulations imply.

  8. On the 29th of June, Sir Francis Burdett was chaired through the streets of Westminster, and such a multitude was scarcely ever before seen together.

  9. After the nomination the late members were chaired round the town, when there was a scuffle in the Market Place and one man was seriously wounded.

  10. Steward had been chaired for Mr. Wilshere.

  11. I have been tried by a committee which is chaired by the prosecuting official.

  12. Remarking on the fact that the committee was chaired by Henry Tarbuck who had already decided that Diana was guilty, the A.

  13. On this uncomfortable but splendid seat, Mr. Fox was chaired all round Covent Garden, amidst the cheers of his friends.

  14. Illustration: "He was chaired all round Covent Garden.

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