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Example sentences for "chores"

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  1. She immediately saw that the introduction of electricity into the cottage enabled her to assign chores to us all.

  2. Chores do not take all of the time, nor most of the time.

  3. We attempt in the present generation to furnish a substitute for the old time chores by our daily programme in school or in summer camp, but I often wonder whether this round of trifles can make men.

  4. These chores were assigned so that the establishment ran like clock-work.

  5. No wonder--so much of nursing care consists of unpleasant chores like bed baths, giving enemas and dealing with other bodily functions.

  6. By his third day on only water he would be out doing hard physical chores like cutting the grass, splitting wood or weeding his vegetable garden.

  7. Chores before school an' after school, an' a two-mile walk to git there.

  8. When I've foddered the cattle and done my chores I'd be pleased to.

  9. Blessed are the lazy folks, for they always git their chores done for 'em," remarked Samantha scathingly, as she went to the buttery for provisions.

  10. She said she was niece to Squire Dandelion, and "had a few chores to do a shopping.

  11. I suppose 'tis in your blood, too, for I can't find out that you have begun to pay your way by any chores you have done here.

  12. The rest was taken by the meals, the chores and the effort of keeping warm.

  13. With morning, and the rising of the sun, she was up and doing the few chores about lean-to and shack.

  14. Usually the two inexperienced young housekeepers sought to hustle their restless, boisterous brood into bed as soon as the evening meal had ended and the night's chores were done.

  15. The dishes were soon washed and piled away in the cupboard, the evening chores completed, and the troop of eager children romped gaily up the rocky trail to the summit of the mountain, on which the Eagles' Nest was built.

  16. She goes about her chores jes th' same ez ef no one was there," said Mark.

  17. To do the chores in camp," retorted Julie, laughingly.

  18. She had three brothers younger than herself, but her parents could not afford a maid, so Joan helped with the house-work, while the boys did the chores about the place.

  19. Night is at hand, the demoniac beast is wilder than ever, and the boy knows that, though palpitating with fatigue through all his frame, there are the chores at home yet for him to do.

  20. I've done the chores and tended baby up at Mrs. Grubbling's ever since.

  21. With supper over and the evening chores done, the family gathered about the fireside, some read, the little ones played, and Mother busied with her sewing.

  22. Austin had been the only member of the Coles household to go to church that night, and the next morning he said nothing to the family about what had happened to him, but went on about his chores as usual.

  23. There were no chores in the Arabian Nights; the boy there had but to rub the ring and summon a genius, who would feed the calves and pick up chips and bring in wood in a minute.

  24. As if the chores could ever be "done up" on a farm.

  25. When school keeps, he has only to "do chores and go to school," but between terms there are a thousand things on the farm that have been left for the boy to do.

  26. You see, I've got my chores to do, and supper to get, and I want to go to bed early so I'll be fresh in the morning.

  27. An' they's a lot of dishes an' chores an' things.

  28. Chores and other functions always waited to be done; dust is very patient, and can easily be put off for an hour or two!

  29. Dad's retirement moved him to exercise the household chores on the main floor (although this did not include the preparation of meals), while I maintained the upper.

  30. Helping with the chores at home also gave me a sense of usefulness and made me glad that I was able to be productive in certain respects.

  31. After chores I went for a walk in the woods with my camera equipment.

  32. I merely continued to go to school and do my chores on Saturday.

  33. I do and I come back half zonked and then I do some chores around the house and then write letters.

  34. I did my chores and went out with friends; I threw the frisbee and played miniature golf; there were picnics and movies and light conversation.

  35. As Uncle Rufus said, he was "spry an' pert," and there were many little chores that he could attend to which relieved both the housekeeper and the Kenway girls themselves.

  36. Taller's taller, at the best o' times; and the few chores I do at night I can do just as well by the light of a pine-knot.

  37. Lunch, and the robot's chores were usually finished.

  38. Mark would ask, sitting on a packing case outside the shack, after the chores were done.

  39. The chores were a more serious matter, for every spoon and plate had to be washed to the tune of a lashing tongue, and under an eye that withered all it lighted on.

  40. Why don't you go home and do up your chores before dark?

  41. He finished the milking and the other chores and latched the barn door.

  42. But even farm chores were not entirely unbearable.

  43. But while the doing of these homely chores was very effective in relieving the untrained and tired mother, it added little to the family income.

  44. Brutus, who was still doing the chores on the place, came in while Octavia was crying and said, "Miss Octay, what de matter?

  45. Simon was in need of some one to work his garden, chop wood and do the chores on the place, and as Brutus was a good worker, and for the sake of old times, he employed him.

  46. The Mother Abbes had given me chores to do when you are well enough to be let alone.

  47. Do your chores by dark, morning and night, and stick close to cover all days and watch for him.

  48. A boy had been shot down that morning while doing chores on a homestead a little way across the river.

  49. You'd better hurry up, or you won't get your chores done before breakfast.

  50. Oh, he went to Captain Skinner's the first of March, chores round, and goes to school up there.

  51. I wouldn't mind breaking a leg, if I had such good grub and no chores to do.

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