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Example sentences for "chronicled"

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chromosphere; chronic; chronical; chronically; chronicle; chronicler; chroniclers; chronicles; chronicling; chronogram
  1. Public Record Office), and is chronicled in Brymner's Report on the Dominion Archives (1883).

  2. He carefully chronicled the antecedent history of the Connecticut colony, and gave the first trustworthy detailed account of the invasion, and the articles of capitulation granted to the several forts by Major John Butler.

  3. Nor is its decay chronicled in any mood of tender pathos.

  4. In that of St. Giles is chronicled the removal of the remains of the Marquis of Montrose from the Abbey Church of Holyrood to St. Giles's Church, where they were honoured with a magnificent and pompous funeral.

  5. Tis needless to relate here, as the reports of the lawyers already have chronicled them, the particulars or issue of that trial which ensued upon my Lord Castlewood's melancholy homicide.

  6. Such a life is so simple that years may be chronicled in a few lines.

  7. She went off to her far-away home; her husband's generosity was duly chronicled in the papers, and the babe was left untalked of and unknown.

  8. But in order that the idea of omnipresent and omniscient information may be kept up, the young must be chronicled as quickly as the old.

  9. The social history of the season is adequately chronicled in the Journal:-- February 5th.

  10. In September a journey to Edinburgh and on the 14th to Chesters, chronicled as 'my first visit to my daughter.

  11. It would inevitably be chronicled by the Sentinel, and the record would be transferred to the columns of other newspapers.

  12. The race would be chronicled everywhere on the morrow.

  13. Every movement, every acquaintance I make, even my most private affairs are pried into and chronicled by those confounded press fellows.

  14. Another case is chronicled which took place in Dublin in 1885.

  15. Joseph Proctor used to keep a diary wherein he chronicled the strange happenings in his house.

  16. They chronicled their sorrows, their successes, their triumphs, and their shame.

  17. Many owned names great and renowned in history; others bore designations only chronicled in the records of criminal jurisprudence.

  18. We will not ask for a reference to the accurate historian, who overheard, and has chronicled these words.

  19. He rises to the surface no more, except to have his death chronicled in 1790.

  20. Chronicled from the Earliest to the Present Time.

  21. Its main activities would be during the summer term, though a weather record was kept throughout the year, and any nature notes that were worthy of being written down were duly chronicled in the Field Book.

  22. His every word, look, and gesture, is chronicled by the spirits; therefore you may imagine the interest they manifest towards him.

  23. The real truth of those horrid deeds has been faithfully chronicled in the archives of the spirit world.

  24. There was a manuscript of some hundred pages, closely written, in which the poor things had chronicled for many years the incidents of their daily life.

  25. It is chronicled in the annals of our monarchy.

  26. It chronicled the arrival of the yacht Barbara.

  27. Yet the words chronicled nothing more than the curious disappearance from the laboratory of a tiny song-bird--and a steel pen-rest.

  28. Great as were the gold discoveries in camp, they did not justify the terrific advances being chronicled in the stock-market, and it was apparent that something extraordinary must be hatching to justify the market's action.

  29. The issue of the paper which chronicled the break to $6 contained an editorial headed "Nixon in the Role of Brutus.

  30. Motley groups assembled at every corner and discussed the great production being made from the Mohawk and the terrific market advances being chronicled by mining stocks representing all sorts and descriptions of Goldfield properties.

  31. Turning, he saw a bootblack, whose adventures have been chronicled in the volume called "Ragged Dick.

  32. His later history will be chronicled in the next volume of this series, which will be entitled "Slow and Sure; or From the Sidewalk to the Shop.

  33. His earlier adventures are chronicled in "Paul, the Peddler.

  34. In comparison with such a Squalus, those chronicled by Rondolet requiring two horses to drag them, and even one mentioned by Gillius, weighing four thousand pounds, dwindle into mere minnows and gudgeons.

  35. In all the many possible worlds, philosophy and mathematics will be the same; the differences will only be in respect of those particular facts which are chronicled by the descriptive sciences.

  36. In all who seek passionately for the fugitive and difficult goods, the conviction is almost irresistible that there is in the world something deeper, more significant, than the multiplicity of little facts chronicled and classified by science.

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