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Example sentences for "comically"

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  1. The upper lip was inordinately full, as though swollen by a blow or a toothache; and the smile, the peaked eyebrows, and the small, strong eyes were quaintly and almost comically evil in expression.

  2. The national vanity was touched when the nations of the world rocked and roared with laughter over the comically primitive barbarisms of the funny man from the "Wild and Woolly West.

  3. The range of Mark Twain's humour, from the ludicrous anecdote with comically mixed morals to the profound parable with grimly ironic conclusion, takes the measure of the ethical nature of the man.

  4. We saw him at Faustina's comically joking, and ironically sneering.

  5. She had the comically serious mien of those china figures made in Meissen.

  6. His solid fists clinched; his voice skittered comically from a bass bellow to an angry treble crow.

  7. Buster pranced home at dusk, afire with triumph from his crested red head to his comically massive young feet.

  8. Yet eight out of the eighteen pages of his biography are devoted to comically solemn details regarding the honors paid him by Italian princes.

  9. Lastly the third Turk stooped forward over the sea to screen his companions, and as he did so, developed a huge red nose which comically seemed to dip towards, and sniff at, the waters.

  10. Sofya, laughing at times, told how she met and concealed the fugitive, how she feared the spies, and saw one in every person she met, and how comically the fugitive conducted himself.

  11. Pyotr leaned his head upon one shoulder; his little beard, narrow and sharp, stuck out comically on one side, and gave his shadow swinging on the wall the appearance of a man sticking out his tongue teasingly.

  12. Ignaty snorted aloud, and moving his neck awkwardly looked down at her, comically drooping his under lip.

  13. It deals comically with the impossible and the unreal, and serves its purpose best when it amazes most.

  14. She watched the carriage for a moment or two as it bumped down the road, its brake grinding sharply against the wheels, then she turned to the others with a look of comically real relief.

  15. He spoke so seriously in addressing Lebedeff, that his tone contrasted quite comically with that of the others.

  16. Her attitude was so comically severe that Win laughed, and her father looked up with a smile.

  17. Fran stopped, looking so comically aghast that Mrs. Thayne laughed as she kissed her.

  18. Don't forget me, Miss Everett," the soldier put in so comically that Patricia almost embraced him, too!

  19. Almost choking with laughter, he raked in a considerable sum, and Jacob Fleischmann envied him with comically obvious greed.

  20. For all her air of modern girl, her independence, her store of book experience, she was comically conventual in her curiosities and intolerances, in her prim company manners and uncontrollable lapses into unconventionality.

  21. Her tone, in spite of her sudden anger, was unconsciously and comically proprietary.

  22. My little neighbor laughed and blushed comically when I said that, and then Jimmy said: "He's a first rate fellow, I tell you.

  23. I had not been no-balled before, and this unexpected misfortune made my bowling quite comically bad.

  24. It was so very close to him as he approached the piano, that his sister comically took his hand, and placed it on it, and two or three very pretty trios were performed, Percy declared with professional eclat.

  25. At which the two gentlemen looked comically at each other.

  26. The small, yellow mustache of Bently Brown was twitching comically with the tremble of his lips beneath.

  27. As they appeared one by one, with their comically crooked eyebrows and their rouge-widened lips and staring, deep-shadowed eyes, Luck sent them back to take it all off and start over again under his supervision.

  28. He is a Quaker, and his merciless and unmitigated regard for truth is comically grand, and nothing amuses me more than to draw out that peculiar characteristic.

  29. The young man turned a comically chagrined face to his unfortunate companions.

  30. And as she stood there, looking up, she suddenly and comically reminded Gregory of the Frog gardener before the door in "Alice," with his stubborn and deliberate misunderstanding.

  31. She would rather have kissed the hem of his garment than see him dance about her comically trying to be youthful.

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