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Example sentences for "comics"

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  1. The Inter-departmental Committee recommended that all comics be registered and that it be made an offence to deal in unregistered comics.

  2. When considering comics it is essential to appreciate the difference between the traditional comic, intended exclusively for children, and the more modern style which is basically designed for low-mentality adults.

  3. A13; b(1)] for a prostitute to be so oblivious of the sex act that she can read the comics while she is being had.

  4. Why must you Comics one and all take stand On lower ground than truth from first to last?

  5. That is not to say that they are all free from objection, and there are a number of crime comics which we do not think should be allowed to go on circulating.

  6. The sale of unregistered comics was to be an offence.

  7. Large numbers of comics are reprinted in England and Australia from American plates.

  8. In a number of comics the grammar and vocabulary are likewise bad.

  9. If this is so it would appear that the assiduous reading of comics tends to counteract the work of teachers which costs the country so much.

  10. A number of comics which are not strictly indecent within the meaning of the Act are nevertheless objectionable from other points of view.

  11. Even before the passing of last year's Act none of the comics on sale in New Zealand was as bad as the worst American or English examples.

  12. Reports indicate that comics almost as bad were circulating in England before the introduction of legislation there.

  13. Since action has been taken here and in Australia the standard of comics distributed in New Zealand appears to have improved considerably.

  14. The interim report of the Kefauver Committee strongly indicts crime and horror comics and gives some revolting illustrations of their contents.

  15. The Committee's original recommendations were: that publishers or importers of comics should apply for registration of every title and that only suitable titles should be registered.

  16. The nature of crime comics circulating in Canada was responsible for an Act passed there in 1949 prohibiting such comics.

  17. Comics for the youngsters and a serial story with a strong love element and fashions and style news for the women.

  18. You're going to be quite metropolitan with a full page of comics and a page devoted to women.

  19. Besides selling about one million Marvel comics each month, Spiderman appears as a daily strip in some 500 newspapers around the world.

  20. When young comics say it's a hard business to enter, it's because they have no talent.

  21. I used to copy all the comics as a kid, too.

  22. There'd been a fair wave o' such false Scottish comics in the English halls, until everyone was sick and tired o' 'em.

  23. They don't want Scotch comics here any more.

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