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comparatively; comparatives; compare; compared; comparee; comparing; comparison; comparisons; comparisoun; compartment
  1. Tremendous as it is, the greatest perhaps of the north side, the Denali Glacier by no means compares with the giants which flow from the southern front.

  2. It compares in height and prominence with El Capitan.

  3. Kant compares metaphysics to mathematics and physics on the one hand, and to formal logic on the other.

  4. Manso compares the journey of this penniless and haggard fugitive through the cities of Italy to the meteoric passage of a comet.

  5. Footnote 184: I might have further illustrated this point by quoting the thirty-five lines in which Titiro compares a maiden to the rose which fades upon the spray after the fervors of the noon have robbed its freshness (act i.

  6. There is another place in which it is probable that Shakespeare alludes to the Aconite; he does not name it, but he compares the effects of the poison to gunpowder, as in the passage above.

  7. And he compares the season to the uncomfortable hour in a household when the early risers are walking about, not knowing what to do with themselves, while others have not yet come down to breakfast.

  8. I note that whenever he compares flowers to women it is in no flattering humor to either; which is, perhaps, what we expect from a man who chose to be a bachelor and a hermit.

  9. Miss Jekyll, with her usual felicity, compares its blue cast with pinkish shading to the vari-colored metal alloys of the Japanese bronze workers--a striking comparison.

  10. I answer that, The Philosopher (De Anima iii, 6) compares intellect with sense on this point.

  11. Thus it necessarily compares one thing with another by composition or division; and from one composition and division it proceeds to another, which is the process of reasoning.

  12. And (De Anima ii, 3) he compares the various souls to the species of figures, one of which contains another; as a pentagon contains and exceeds a tetragon.

  13. On the contrary, The Philosopher (De Anima ii, 3) compares the parts or powers of the soul to figures.

  14. And thus the possession by all men in common of the first principles proves the unity of the separate intellect, which Plato compares to the sun; but not the unity of the active intellect, which Aristotle compares to light.

  15. Dionysius compares the solar ray to Divine goodness, as regards its causality; not as regards its natural dignity which is involved in the idea of an image.

  16. The same authority compares the bird's song to that of the redstart and the yellow warbler.

  17. There is no bird that compares with it in destroying the female canker-worm moths and their eggs," writes a well-known entomologist.

  18. It has a passage that compares well, both in brilliancy and magnificence, with some of the grandest in Paris.

  19. Petrie compares the name of the Tjakaray with that of the (modern) place Zakro in Crete.

  20. It is Story who compares Landor to King Lear.

  21. Plotinus in the passage quoted says: “He compares Being with the spherical form, because it comprehends all in itself, and Thought is not outside of this, but is contained in it.

  22. Those who carry on other sciences and neglect Philosophy, Aristippus compares to the wooers of Penelope in the Odyssey, who might easily have Melantho and the other maidens, but who could not obtain the queen.

  23. It appears so particularly to him who compares the universal and the individual and consciously reflects over both, but this difference disappears for those living therein, to whom it is ordinary habit.

  24. Niebuhr compares their relation to that of Provençal, Spanish, and Italian, whereas Lane declares the dialects to resemble each other more than those of some different counties in England.

  25. Travellers speak with horror of its heat during the day; Ali Bey, who visited it twice, compares it to a furnace.

  26. The drawing of this head, as a portrayal of agony and fierceness, compares favorably with anything of the same kind belonging to any age of art, either classic or modern (Fig.

  27. It compares unfavorably with the German monuments of the same period, and the realistic portrait element which ruled it makes it seem like a monotonous and feeble system of mechanics rather than a style of art.

  28. He compares the noise they made to the sound of a cataract.

  29. Clarke compares a cloud of them to a flight of snow when the flakes are carried obliquely by the wind.

  30. Robbins compares their noise to that of small pigs when eating corn.

  31. He compares their falling to that of snow with the largest flakes.

  32. With the exception of "If ye love me" I do not know any anthem by Tallis which compares with it in solemn and chaste expression.

  33. Indeed, I think it compares favourably with much of the kind written by contemporary musicians.

  34. His instrumental writing is surprising; and, when one compares his Fancies with those by Orlando Gibbons, one is astonished at the novelty of his ideas.

  35. Freud compares this dream with a similar dream which pestered him for years and in which he saw himself as a young physician, working in a laboratory, making analyses and unable as yet to earn a regular living.

  36. Freud compares the dream work to a promoter who could never carry out his brilliant ideas if he could not draw upon funds accumulated elsewhere (in the unconscious).

  37. Origen, who was probably the author of all the mischief, twice sets the two places side by side and elaborately compares them; in the course of which operation, by the way, he betrays the viciousness of the text which he himself employed.

  38. It will be seen by any one who compares the verifications with the reviewer's list, how his failure to observe the points just explained has led him astray.

  39. It is the opinion of many foreign observers that in this matter London, for all its freedom, compares favourably with many other large cities where prostitution is severely regulated by the police and so far as possible concealed.

  40. She compares the growth of the conception of the vital value of love to the modern growth of the conception of the value of health as against the medieval indifference to hygiene.

  41. St. Paul then reproaches the Corinthians, with their ease, their luxury, and their pretences, and compares their happy situation with his own.

  42. Jeremiah compares them to good figs; while the remnant at Jerusalem were bad and withered.

  43. They were all scorners and adulterers, whose furious passions the prophet compares to the glowing heat of an oven heated by the baker.

  44. He compares them to those who prefer a turbid torrent to a soft, sweet stream.

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