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Example sentences for "consensual"

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conseiller; conseillers; conseils; consell; consensu; consensus; consent; consentaneous; consente; consented
  1. It is notorious how greatly the mental disposition, tastes, habits, consensual movements, loquacity or silence, and tone of voice have varied and been inherited in our domesticated animals.

  2. A horse is trained to certain paces, and the colt inherits similar consensual movements.

  3. Thus the consensual contract of sale with its implied warranties rationalizes transfer by traditio with stipulations for the price and for warranties.

  4. A consensual ecclesiastical jurisdiction is thus created, which has to this extent temporal sanction.

  5. For, in truth, the peculiarity of these Consensual Contracts is that no formalities, are required to create them out of the Pact.

  6. We now reach the fourth class, or Consensual Contracts, the most interesting and important of all.

  7. Lastly, the Consensual Contracts emerge, in which the mental attitude of the contractors is solely regarded, and external circumstances have no title to notice except as evidence of the inward undertaking.

  8. Consensual is therefore a term which does not involve the slightest anomaly, but is exactly analogous to Real, Verbal, and Literal.

  9. But the term Consensual merely indicates that the Obligation is here annexed at once to the Consensus.

  10. The Consensual Contracts, it will be observed, were extremely limited in number.

  11. Fouillée wishes to oppose, or at least to add, to the naturalistic conception of society the consensual or contractual conception.

  12. It occurred to me that if the acorn tincture were to act curatively on the spleen the consensual kidney affection and its dependent dropsy would mend.

  13. I have lately used it repeatedly in chronic diarrhoea, when this is purely a primary affection of the bowels, with surprising benefit; but it is useless in consensual diarrhoea.

  14. It is notorious how greatly the mental disposition, tastes, habits, consensual movements, loquacity or silence, and the tone of voice have varied and been inherited with our domesticated animals.

  15. The difference in numbers between men and women living together consensually is doubtless due to the fact that many men who have legitimate wives also have consensual wives or mistresses.

  16. In addition to the question of consensual marriages, we find that under the Spanish administration, when ecclesiastical marriage was the only form recognized, there were no divorces registered in the Island of Porto Rico.

  17. In addition to this, we have many instances of consensual marriages, which offer a temptation to even the very young to lower the standards of morality and to become careless regarding the marriage relation.

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