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Example sentences for "copes"

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  1. The Copes came into early possession of the Hanwell estate, and John Cope, cofferer to King Henry VIII.

  2. The Copes were with the people in the time of the Great Rebellion, and after Edge Hill the Castle was taken by the Royalists.

  3. From the feast of All Saints to Advent, supper was only granted on the great feast days, when the community were vested in copes in the choir.

  4. Sets of vestments often had copes belonging to them.

  5. Three copes of white damask, with holy-water "sprynkes" with ut supra.

  6. Three other principal copes of the same material with ut supra.

  7. Three copes of white camlet embroidered with flowers with ut supra (lacking two head-pieces and two "fannelles").

  8. At Elizabeth's accession its new mistress soon purged St. Paul's of all its images: copes and shaven crowns disappeared.

  9. The copes in St. Paul's were burnt (to extract the gold), and the money sent to the persecuted Protestant poor in Ireland.

  10. During this, the Cardinals put on their Copes and their Mitres.

  11. And everybody knows that Madame Worms-Clavelin has trimmed with the splendid and sacred copes of Saint-Porchaire the species of furniture vulgarly called ‘poufs.

  12. She told him that she had dreams of a salon with old copes and old chasubles, and that she was also collecting antique jewels.

  13. There is no reason why these copes of the pious priests of Lusancy should be revered as relics of the saints.

  14. Guitrel she has gained possession of the copes treasured for three hundred years in the vestry of the church at Lusancy, and she has, I am told, turned them into seats of the kind called poufs.

  15. A lot of closely- veiled women stood on one side in the aisle, and among them the mothers of the babies who received them from the men in yellow copes at the end of the ceremony.

  16. The clashing of cymbals, the chanting, a humming unlike any sound I ever heard, the strange yellow copes covered with stranger devices--it was wunderlich.

  17. An inventory of 1345 names four small choir copes for the use of boys on the feast of Holy Innocents.

  18. The Copes made separate plans for the afternoon.

  19. Becky felt that the Copes were a charming pair.

  20. And after that he hoped that he might leave renown as a great clerk who had added glory, credit, power and wealth, whether of copes of gold or of lands, to his most famous bishopric.

  21. For a brief space during Mary's reign the old worship was restored, and Her Majesty and Philip bestowed costly gifts of copes and altar frontals and vestments.

  22. The spacious chests for copes are interesting records of the rich ecclesiastical vestments in use in former times.

  23. The copes and vestments of the officiating clergy were cloth of tissue powdered with red roses, brought from the looms of Florence, and woven in one piece, thickly studded with gold and jewelry.

  24. Their servants rode along the road with copes for doublets or tunicles for saddle-cloths, and scattered panic among the larger houses which were left.

  25. On the eve of the Holy Innocents the child bishop and his youthful clergy, in little copes and with burning tapers in their hands, went in procession chanting versicles, made some prayers before the altar, and sang complin.

  26. He ornamented a book of the gospels with gold, silver, and precious stones, and procured several vestments and copes for the chanters, with carpets and curtains and other ornaments for the church.

  27. The vestiarium or vestry where the copes and clothes were deposited.

  28. Often a procession would go to meet the returning pilgrim, especially as he usually brought presents of silk cloths to the churches for copes or coverings of the altars.

  29. Also the maimed Statues of Bishops, whose Copes are garnished and charged with a Cross Moline: And at their Feet, Escocheons, with the Arms of the Church; and also Escocheons with Crosses Molines.

  30. There is mention, too, of suits of vestments, and single vestments, copes and surplices, and altar cloths for the five altars.

  31. He is assisted by two other priests, all three vested in surplices and black copes with a red-and-gold border; the clerk holds the holy-water vessel.

  32. Pope Benedict were torn, and whence those who had brought them departed decked out, in derision, in copes and mitres, and making an apology through all Paris?

  33. Copes and chasubles, bedspreads and curtains, are often to be seen decorated with some repeating form.

  34. Flexibility is an invaluable quality for any work destined, like copes and curtains, to hang in folds.

  35. For in his answer to the articles of impeachment sent to the House of Lords against him in 1640, he says "That the copes used in that Church were brought in thither long before his time.

  36. An Act of 1644 orders copes to be sold in parish churches.

  37. Item, iiij copes blue sylk with red orferes trayled with whitt braunches and flowers.

  38. This mention of copes reminds us of the Boy-Bishop, and is one of the symptoms indicating community of origin.

  39. At St. Paul's Cathedral twenty-eight copes were employed not only for the Boy-Bishop and his company, but for the Feast of Fools.

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