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  1. The diagnostic characters of fine corrugations on the posterior margin of the carapace and blackish marks on the ventral surface do not occur on every female of ater.

  2. According to Mr. Chamberlin, this unstratified material "is indistinguishable from true till, and is doubtless to be regarded as till pushed up into corrugations by the mechanical action of the ice.

  3. Every geologist admits--it is one of the truisms of his science--that corrugations and plications are the result of subterranean action.

  4. It is, therefore, thrown into a number of corrugations by which the cavity of the vesicle is greatly diminished; it becomes much thicker, and assumes a yellow colour.

  5. It is also important that the edge at the extremities of the blades should be well rounded and not too thin; it is thus less liable to catch against corrugations either of the vagina or foetal scalp.

  6. The dummy cartridge= is tin plated and the shell is provided with six longitudinal corrugations and three circular holes.

  7. The corrugations add to the strength of the device, the wood fibres closing around them, age and rust but emphasising their grip.

  8. The Thinking Machine's narrow eyes were screwed down to the disappearing point, the slender white fingers were twiddled jerkily, the corrugations remained in his brow.

  9. He noted the inscrutable face of his caller and saw the corrugations in the brow suddenly swept away.

  10. But for the corrugations of time, one might not have known if it were flour or age that had so whitened his long beard, which hung quivering down over the breast of his jeans coat, of an indeterminate hue under its frosting from the hopper.

  11. No warning could he have; the window was opaque with the corrugations of the rain-fall on the streaming panes, and set too high to afford him a glimpse from without.

  12. They had pegged out their claim at a spot where the corrugations in the rocky bed of the creek stretched from bank to bank and a beach of soft sand spread itself along the water's edge.

  13. Edges of sod show in the bottoms of the corrugations between these little furrow ridges.

  14. Corrugations are the cheapest and the most satisfactory when soils are loose enough to permit the water to soak into the soil sideways, as well as to sink down.

  15. On sandy land that is very dry where drainage is good, water may be permitted to run in the corrugations for several days until the ground is thoroughly soaked.

  16. The water should penetrate the soil on both sides of the corrugations for distances of several inches.

  17. This ditch should hold the water high enough so it may be tapped at convenient places to run through the corrugations to reach the roots of the plants to be benefited.

  18. Corrugations should be straight and true and just far enough apart so the irrigation water will soak across and meet between.

  19. A single fragment is ornamented with an S-shape coil of clay fastened to the corrugations in much the same way as in similar ware from the ruins near the Colorado Chiquito.

  20. The inside of these jars is smooth, but never polished, and in one instance the potter used the corrugations of the coil as an ornamental motive.

  21. Perhaps they help to grip the wind, for they have running lengthwise of them deep and parallel corrugations so small and fine that were a single scale as large as a lady's opened fan these corrugations would represent its sticks.

  22. Thus the old woman smoking a pipe by the wayside years ago, and whom I somehow so often remember, is not much different from me—we are both corrugations of the same æther.

  23. After the mud flows have occurred, the Vesuvian cone, like all similar volcanic cones under the same conditions, is found with deep radial corrugations (Fig.

  24. The large depressions or corrugations branch from smaller ones near the center of the plant.

  25. Sometimes the corrugations or wrinkles anastomose with each other in such a way as to give a reticulated appearance.

  26. The entire wound is full of blood and the trachea cannot be seen, but its corrugations can be very readily felt by the tip of the free left index finger.

  27. Feel for tracheal corrugations with left index in pool of blood, following trachea with finger downward from superficial Adam's apple.

  28. The wonderful effect of erosion was noticeable on the mountain sides to the north of us, where it had left a top terrace with deep corrugations in the lower sides of the mountain.

  29. Undoubtedly those eastern rocks were the lip of the crater, for I discovered there two flows of lava in corrugations and network designs such as we had observed on the summit of the greater section.

  30. There were deep grooves and corrugations in the valley in a direction from south to north between the two sections of the now interrupted range.

  31. Jerry, as he noted that the ridges and corrugations corresponded to the marks on the roof of the bank.

  32. The machine for making the corrugations in the sides of these metallic boats consists of a hydraulic press and a set of enormous dies.

  33. The plaitings or corrugations of the metal in these iron boats pass along the sheets, in lines, instead of being, as in the case of the waiter, confined to the margin.

  34. Deep corrugations appear on the inside of the rim flare.

  35. Both corrugations and incised line decorations were made with a paddle or wood splinter shaped for the purpose.

  36. The first break is on one pair of 9 x 18 inch corrugated iron rolls, eight corrugations to the inch, the corrugations running parallel with the axis of the rolls.

  37. The latter, however, is the most noteworthy on account of the curious corrugations visible soon after sunrise on the outer N.

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