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Example sentences for "crucifying"

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crucifixion; crucifixions; crucifixus; cruciform; crucify; crude; crudelis; crudely; crudeness; cruder
  1. Sowing to the flesh is living after the flesh with its affections and lusts; but sowing to the Spirit is crucifying and mortifying the flesh, and living the new life of faith, and hope, and love.

  2. This, in God's sight, was just the same as crucifying him afresh.

  3. See my treatise of "Crucifying the World," and of "Self-denial.

  4. Of Crucifying the World by the Cross of Christ;" an affecting caveat against worldliness.

  5. So then, for God's bringing of his first-begotten now into the world, was by his raising him again from the dead after they by crucifying of him had turned him out of the same.

  6. We must either pronounce the four evangelists to be false witnesses, or admit that the world as a whole, and each constituent part thereof, is stained with the awful crime of crucifying the Lord of glory.

  7. As regards the world, this august witness descended from heaven to convict it of the terrible crime of rejecting and crucifying the Son of God.

  8. What did they offer him to drink before crucifying him?

  9. The Roman soldiers did not believe that they were crucifying the son of God; they did not know they were crucifying God himself.

  10. The guilt of the Jews in crucifying Christ has been alluded to in the present controversy.

  11. They make a specialty of crucifying unbelievers--upside down.

  12. People who torture their victims by cutting off the ends of their fingers before beheading or crucifying them!

  13. McCarthy had a practice--long in effect--of crucifying conscience.

  14. Now right here you are bent upon crucifying your own daughter's happiness just because I haven't tickled your rotten vanity, and lied.

  15. And crucifying him, they divided his garments, casting lots upon them, what every man should take.

  16. And are fallen away: to be renewed again to penance, crucifying again to themselves the Son of God and making him a mockery.

  17. The latter had been charged, at Pentecost and in the Temple, with crucifying Jesus; the former are here charged with crucifying the Christ.

  18. Therefore it seems that the Jews in crucifying Christ knew Him to be the Son of God.

  19. Crucifying again to themselves the Son of God.

  20. Crucifying again to themselves the Son of God"; on which the gloss observes: "Christ's one death hallowed the one Baptism.

  21. Poor George is half-distracted with the weight of the questions concerning Chicago, and I think almost anything would be better than this crucifying suspense.

  22. He therefore scourges them with inward trials, vastly more painful than any outward tribulation could be; thus crucifying them to self.

  23. He charges that person with the atrocity of crucifying anew the Son of God.

  24. Paul does not here speak of crucifying the flesh, but he speaks of that higher crucifying wherein sin, devil, and death are crucified in Christ and in me.

  25. Nor is any allusion made to the friend of the family, who furnishes all the children with holiday toys, every one of which has either a crucifying squeak or a stunning explosive power, which soon fits their amiable mother for a lunatic asylum.

  26. He turns from a guilty self to a spotless Christ; and he tells the world that it had made a terrible mistake in crucifying the Lord of glory.

  27. And therefore we need not marvel at aught that we hear or see of the world's wickedness, seeing that in crucifying the Lord of glory, it gave the strongest proof that could be given of wickedness and guilt.

  28. This mistaken man imagined he was crucifying sin when he was only crucifying the natural affections and sympathies God had given him to be gratified for his own good and that of others.

  29. It was a city renowned for social activity and "crucifying expenses.

  30. If he rarely lost consciousness of his bereavement, the sharpness passed, and he was even grateful at times that his son, whose gifts would have urged him into public life, was spared the crucifying rewards of patriotism.

  31. If you had looked into their courts and consistories, you would have thought you had been in Caiaphas' hall, where no other trade was driven but the crucifying of Christ in His members.

  32. Man is left free to crucify his Maker, and he has availed himself of his freedom by crucifying both his Maker and his fellow-man.

  33. The Cross shows us, in a word, what we are doing when we sin: consciously or unconsciously, we are crucifying that which is good.

  34. The Jews soon found out they had made a mistake in crucifying Jesus; for the risen Christ was mightier than the teaching Jesus.

  35. In these things, the accidental grouping, so far as man was concerned, were as much under Divine supervision as the blundering of the Jews in the crucifying of Jesus.

  36. Remembering the immediately preceding words, this saying seems to assure the disciples that the blessed recompense of the life of self-crucifying discipleship is not to be postponed to that future, but may be enjoyed on earth.

  37. What did the crucifying of another Jew or two matter to them?

  38. Raising her sharp cracked voice to its most crucifying pitch, she called, "'Miss Minnie May and Mr. Harry Hall step out upon the floor.

  39. His long career of guilt has ended in crucifying the Lord of glory; and not only crucifying him, but placing a great stone at the mouth of the tomb, to prevent, if possible, his leaving it.

  40. I admit that it's crucifying me to leave the dam, but there is no doubt they can find a better man than I am for the job.

  41. Mr. Secretary, it's crucifying me to think I've fallen down on this.

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