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Example sentences for "cynics"

  • Cynics and worldlings, they had no real reverence for woman, no belief in her honor, and little consideration for her name.

  • It would have delighted some of the cynics of Whitehall to have seen this fine gentleman in his shirt-sleeves splitting firewood with pitiful clumsiness, and disciplining his stomach in an attempt to boil salt beef.

  • The cynics say that those who take part in social conversation are bound to be either the bores or the bored; and that which you choose to be, is a mere matter of selection.

  • The Cyrenaics claimed liberty to please themselves in the choice of their enjoyments; the Cynics sought liberty through denial of enjoyments.

  • The school of the Cynics made this perverse mood, as Aristippus deemed it, the maxim of their philosophy.

  • Cosmopolitanism was already a point of union between the Cynics and Cyrenaics (see p.

  • And in the first week of August, 1914, the cynics who had been watching the growth of hostility between classes agreed that, if there had been no war, it would have been necessary to create one.

  • Cynics do not look for heroes or heroines among such as these.

  • Cynics dining sumptuously in their clubs may jeer at the idea of campaigners attaching so much importance to creature comforts.

  • In the mode of effecting it, while agreeing with Socrates and the Cynics in the importance which he attaches to practical life, he is at variance with both of them.

  • If cynics growl or grin, lads, We'll drive them back to their tubs.

  • The cynics think they're clever; Beshrew their big bow-wow!

  • In morals, the principal difference between the Cynics and the Stoics was, that the former disdained the cultivation of nature, the latter affected to rise above it.

  • The Cynics were displeased at his following other philosophy, and we are told that Crates attempted to drag him by force out of the school of Stilpo, on which Zeno said, "You may seize my body, but Stilpo has laid hold of my mind.

  • Only cynics hold that to be the chief reason why we approach the millennium so slowly, and cynics are usually very ill-informed persons.

  • What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long, no longer apply.

  • What the cynics fail to understand, is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.

  • Cynics and matrons may smile incredulous, but the kiss he had given and received had wrought an upheaval in this man's soul.

  • Neither the philosophers nor the cynics can be said to have succeeded.

  • For sceptered cynics earth were far too wide a den.

  • The first Cynics were noted for austere lives and their scorn for social customs and current philosophical opinions.

  • The later Cynics afford interesting features in illustration of atheism in antiquity, but this is best left to a later chapter.

  • For the latter were, in fact, popular and traditional, and the whole aim of the Cynics was to antagonise the current estimate of values.

  • Cynics of that day were not strangers to that kind of thing.

  • After the third century we hear no more about the Cynics until they crop up again about the year A.

  • The Cynics continued the tendency of Antisthenes, but the school comparatively soon lost its importance.

  • It is true, the Cynics did not altogether deny the existence of the gods; but they rejected worship on the ground that the gods were not in need of anything, and they denied categorically the majority of the popular ideas about the gods.

  • Of these Eristics, whether Cynics or Megarians, several characteristics are found in Plato:-- 1.

  • Cynics or Atomists, or represent some unknown phase of opinion at Athens.

  • I always think cynics are—disagreeable and——” “And you ask me if I am one!

  • If the cynics will only make up their minds to treat it as such, even the saddest and most atrabilious of them will acknowledge that he has had a rollicking day.

  • I find myself in agreement with the cynics in so far that I admit that Christmas, as now observed, tends to create melancholy.

  • While he will not admit with Aristippus that pleasure is the true good, neither will he find it as the Cynics maintain, simply in the negation of its contrary, pain, and thus deny that it belongs to the good things of human life.

  • When Alexander went to Persia, Aristotle betook himself to Athens, and taught in the Lyceum, the only gymnasium then vacant, since Xenocrates had possession of the Academy, and the Cynics of the Cynosaerges.

  • To pass over the frivolous writers of the day, the Cynics criticised the traditional mythology in the interests of morality and religion.

  • The Church never indeed became a philosophic school: but yet in her was realised in a peculiar way, that which the Stoics and the Cynics had aimed at.

  • That was the import of the message preached by the Cynics and the Stoics, that the truly wise man is Lord, Messenger of God, and God upon the earth.

  • St. Augustine speaks of the Cynics as having in his time sunk into universal contempt.

  • The Cynics and Cyrenaics, Stoics and Epicureans, Plato and Aristotle represent the various philosophic answers to these alternatives.

  • Just as the Cyrenaics treat of the relation of the existent to the individual consciousness, and the Cynics assert immediate freedom to be reality, Plato upholds the self-mediating unity of consciousness and reality, or knowledge.

  • Though hopeless cynics carp and croon-- I do not care one macaroon-- But love to watch the passing show!

  • Her glance e'en cynics dare not disobey, Her dimples even iron hearts beguile-- A dainty despot on a throne of hay, Who conquers all by magic girlish wile!

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