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Example sentences for "debark"

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deaw; deawn; debacle; debajo; debar; debarkation; debarked; debarking; debarred; debarring
  1. The plan was to have the navy silence the guns at Grand Gulf, and to have as many men as possible ready to debark in the shortest possible time under cover of the fire of the navy and carry the works by storm.

  2. Your corps will be on the river, ready to run to and debark on the nearest eligible land below the promontory first brought to view passing down the river.

  3. Colonel Perry had received orders the night before to follow the gunboats, and debark his two regiments at the same point as soon as it was in the possession of the landing party.

  4. One division of troops, under General Stevens, embarking on transports, were to go around by sea, enter the Stono, and debark on James Island.

  5. You will not debark at Beaufort until so directed.

  6. General Smith will debark his force at the White House tonight and start up the south bank of the Pamunkey at an early hour, probably at 3 A.

  7. Jones was ready to debark from Feland (APA 11) when the ship was suddenly ordered underway to avoid a perceived submarine threat.

  8. Illustration: Troops of the 2d Marine Division debark down cargo nets from a troop transport during amphibious training.

  9. Tatom, killed before he could even debark from his LVT.

  10. The Stanley was ordered to proceed to Bolobo, debark her passengers, and descend to Kwamouth to convey Barttelot and men, while we reorganized companies at Bolobo.

  11. Dispatch Mr. Bonny by rail to Plymouth to overtake a steamer bound for India and instruct him to debark at Suez with boy and await me.

  12. The Stanley must depart to-morrow with Major Barttelot and Surgeon Parke's companies, and debark them at a place above the Wampoko, when they will then march to Mswata.

  13. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "debark" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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