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Example sentences for "derogate"

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derned; dernier; derniere; dernieres; derniers; derogates; derogating; derogation; derogative; derogatory
  1. That he therefore found himself compelled in the one case, by respect for the Empress, in the other by a regard to the United States, rather to break off the treaty, than to take a step which might be supposed to derogate from either.

  2. But would they only look to the ordinance as it has been instituted by the Master, it would then be quite evident that the manner of observance which we practise, does not derogate in anything from what he has prescribed.

  3. There are duties from which I can not release myself--duties which I owe to the United States, and above all to France; nor can I consent to any act which shall derogate from the rights of my country over my person.

  4. By the phrase 'fortune,' I mean not in the smallest degree to derogate from his merit.

  5. The language could not be allowed to derogate from the majesty of the subject.

  6. Gentlemen," said President de Gourgues, "would you derogate from the ancient forms?

  7. A custom expressly disapproved of in law is not reasonable or legitimate, and cannot derogate from an existing law, nor establish a new law (Canons 27, 28).

  8. Neither doth this call in question or derogate from Divine Providence, but highly confirm and exalt it.

  9. How does this presence derogate from the fact that he died for each of us on the cross, and is ever living in heaven to make intercession for us?

  10. He did not mean to derogate from the good intention of the favorers of the bill, but he believed its opponents possessed as pure a zeal for the protection and due encouragement of commerce as its advocates.

  11. Nor will this at all derogate from their glory.

  12. Derogate from~, Disparage, detract from, take something from.

  13. A man with such a nature as yours should not derogate so far.

  14. I own, sir, that by that action she did as much as anybody could to derogate from her position; but to me she is still a Pendragon.

  15. But the misapplication of a maxim does not derogate from its truth.

  16. But these instances do not derogate from our general proposition, which is proved in this way.

  17. Knowing as we do the confidence reposed by the people of the United States in their Government, we cannot hesitate in expressing our indignation at any sentiments tending to derogate from that confidence.

  18. But if one who breaks a vow falls more grievously, this does not derogate from the goodness of the vow, as neither does it derogate from the goodness of Baptism that some sin more grievously after being baptized.

  19. I answer that, Things which are of human right cannot derogate from natural right or Divine right.

  20. Your Enemies acknowledge this great Extent in your Lordships Character, at the same time that they use their utmost Industry and Invention to derogate from it.

  21. When we make observations of this kind we do not derogate from the charm or dignity of women.

  22. But to say they are artificial does not derogate from their genius.

  23. But such conjectures derogate from the character of the quality of the tree.

  24. Nay, would it not rather seem to derogate from those attributes?

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