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Example sentences for "dextrously"

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dextrin; dextrine; dextro; dextrose; dextrous; dey; deyde; deye; deyen; deyer
  1. The cue having been thus dextrously given, appeals and petitions for hereditary rule began to pour in from all parts of France.

  2. He found in Venice a secretary of the French legation, Villetard by name, who could be trusted dextrously to undermine the crumbling fabric of the oligarchy.

  3. The complaisant Senate was brought down from its constitutional watchtower to become the tool of the Consuls; and an easy way for further innovations was thus dextrously opened up through the very portals which were designed to bar them out.

  4. The chambermaid and the servants, busy taking off her stockings and undressing her, so quickly and dextrously had her stripped, that the priest, overcome, gave vent to a long Ah!

  5. The mention of the meager sum of hidden money made Madeleine think of her own dextrously concealed little fortune.

  6. Another day he exercised the battle-ax, which he so dextrously wielded that he was passed knight of arms in the field.

  7. It was one of those entangling situations which the Arch-crimp, with his consummate skill in psychological science, can employ so dextrously when the enlisting of a soul that he has cast an eye on is to prosper in his hands.

  8. Enquire, as dextrously as you can, what is the name and quality of this charming creature.

  9. When he had loaded himself down with the spoils, and was preparing to fly away, Bob dextrously caught the little fellow.

  10. The latter dextrously caught the object, which he immediately began to examine with the eyes of greed.

  11. I have no time to inquire, for in three turns of the wheel I am in another and still more memorable place, where other dates and other names are dextrously driven into the quick of my memory.

  12. As the tumult increased, by degrees her body followed her nose, until she came to the hoop of a cask, against which she so dextrously squatted that she might have been mistaken for a work of art carved in antique bas-relief.

  13. Hastily yet dextrously the foreign gentleman took one of these coils, and then binding a blanket around his waist, he passed the rope around this, so that it would press against the blanket without cutting him.

  14. Fruit, corn, and seeds constitute their principal nourishment, and they will also devour buds and bulbs, obtaining the latter very dextrously by the help of their long beaks.

  15. Dextrously he set himself to remove the idea or weaken its force--to prove her guiltless in her own eyes.

  16. He was standing at the mantle filling his pipe, which he balanced dextrously against one of the ornaments, and his back was toward his mother as he spoke.

  17. There he stepped out, dextrously balanced the tray on his head, ascended the stairs, and in front of the great house went persistently from door to door until he came to that of the Count.

  18. Not a hint was missed, not a caution was forgotten, that could guide Julius safely through the miry political ways which he had trodden so safely and so dextrously himself.

  19. She addressed herself to the solution of it with the most unblushing directness--dextrously excused by the most winning frankness of manner.

  20. He answered silently by an affirmative inclination of the head, which dextrously turned Mrs. Vanborough into to Mrs. Delamayn without allowing Mr. Delamayn the opportunity of hearing it.

  21. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dextrously" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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