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Example sentences for "dignify"

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digni; dignidad; dignified; dignifiedly; dignifies; dignifying; dignitaries; dignitary; dignitas; dignitate
  1. All his great qualities and cultivation seemed to suit and dignify station; but now that I know his condition to have been a mere assumption, the man himself and his talents are only a mockery,--only a mockery!

  2. Such deeds of valour dignify their names, Each the imperial right of honour claims.

  3. To roam with toil, in restless uproar hurl'd, One little corner of a little world; Can this enlarge or dignify the soul, Whose wing unwearied darts from pole to pole?

  4. The throne Rears not its state to swell the couch of Lust; Nor dignify Corruption's daring son, T' o'erwhelm his humbler brethren of the dust.

  5. To proclaim that humanity, under the guidance of God, is so capable is to dignify human life beyond measure.

  6. But when once we dignify the wild mis-leader with the name of love, all the absurdities which we read in novels and romances take place, and we are induced to follow examples that seldom end happily but in them.

  7. To dignify or honor by ceremonies; to celebrate.

  8. To dignify or raise by an act of favor; to honor.

  9. There are plenty of individuals who are ready to tinker with existing institutions, and who erroneously dignify that process by the name of reform.

  10. It is preposterous to dignify this nigger-driving by the term 'education.

  11. And yet, knowing much that is known but to few, Edward Waverley might justly be considered as ignorant, since he knew little of what adds dignify to man, and qualifies him to support and adorn an elevated situation in society.

  12. They passed their lives in a state of ignorance and poverty, which it has pleased some declaimers to dignify with the appellation of virtuous simplicity.

  13. He possessed the elegant accomplishments of a poet and orator, which dignify as well as adorn the humblest and the most exalted station.

  14. The throne Rears not its state to swell the couch of Lust: Nor dignify Corruption's daring son, To o'erwhelm his humbler brethren of the dust.

  15. A determination to gather all the butterflies and blue-bottles within the limits of the realm, certainly has nothing that can dignify it with the name of scientific pursuit.

  16. Maidenly modesty and retirement were wanting to elevate and dignify mere voluptuousness.

  17. Upon such testimonial, either one of the rulers, or his father, or some kinsman dignify the young man in the midst of the assembly, with a shield and javelin.

  18. They are broad and handsome; but a wide ditch, which the townsfolk dignify with the name of a canal, runs through the centre.

  19. We might just as well dignify mustard and cress with the title of trees.

  20. Solid pieces of furniture such as often dignify even the huts of European peasants and are passed down from mother to daughter for generations--are objects of contempt by the younger generation here.

  21. Thus the family of whom I speak, chose to dignify themselves with the name of de Birmingham.

  22. And again we have shown little willingness to dignify coal by seeking to draw out by improved mechanical processes all the stored content of heat in this lump of carbon.

  23. To do this we must dignify coal by grading it in terms not merely of convenience as to size, but in terms of service as to its power.

  24. The commercial world owes to two retired philosophers, LOCKE and SMITH, those principles which dignify trade into a liberal pursuit, and connect it with the happiness and the glory of a people.

  25. The game--in those profounder, rarer aspects which alone dignify it--is not for women.

  26. Miss Caroline did not even dignify them with her notice, and the coldness increased.

  27. Henceforth the sentimental and poetic will fuse with the intellectual to dignify and elevate the race.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dignify" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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