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Example sentences for "domiciliary"

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  1. The titular ghost had been sheltered by the Duncan family for hundreds of years, and the domiciliary ghost had had free lodging in the little old house at Salem for nearly two centuries.

  2. Something told him that this was the domiciliary ghost, and that it was badly scared.

  3. You see, he could not leave the titular ghost behind him, and the domiciliary ghost could not leave the house.

  4. All at once he recalled the traditions about the domiciliary ghost, and he knew that what the titular ghost said was the fact.

  5. Eliphalet wasn't scared at all, partly because he never saw either the domiciliary or the titular spook, and partly because he felt himself on friendly terms with the spirit world, and didn't scare easily.

  6. Magistrates are ordered to search unceasingly for them, and to make domiciliary visits in quest of forbidden books, while the informer is to obtain one-third of the heretic's confiscated property.

  7. On the 28th of August, the Assembly passed the law on domiciliary visits.

  8. Remembering that Hubert had told his sister he had used the pretext of a birthday present to her to remove some precious articles from domiciliary visitation, the attorney was staggered by the question.

  9. The case is not intended for you; it contains some precious objects which I wish to save from the domiciliary visits they make upon suspects.

  10. I went alone, as he did not wish to alarm the neighbourhood by a domiciliary visit of the police.

  11. She expressed apprehension lest a domiciliary visit be made to her house by the police, when the letters in question might be discovered and seized.

  12. Marya told me that she feared lest her husband, when he knew they were in her possession, might order a domiciliary visit for the purpose of securing possession of them.

  13. In vain has it multiplied domiciliary visits, even to the residence and carriages of the Venetian ambassador.

  14. Sometimes they make domiciliary visits, and break everything to pieces in the house they visit.

  15. It is he who, on the 28th of August, obtains from the Assembly the great domiciliary visit, by which the Commune fills the prisons.

  16. Domiciliary visits were a general measure from which no house in Paris was exempt.

  17. Footnote 3274: Most of the domiciliary visits end in similar damages.

  18. On the 1st of January, "it is rumored that the barriers are to be closed at night, and that domiciliary visits are going to begin again.

  19. You are about to receive a domiciliary visit.

  20. Fouche insisted on the utmost caution, and would only allow a domiciliary visit to Cinq-Cygne in case Malin gave them positive information which made it necessary.

  21. What would Fouche say if he knew we had made a domiciliary visit without getting any results?

  22. No compromising fact of domiciliary darkness and cold is spared us, no producing condition of mediaeval manners not glanced at.

  23. It must be said that we have still to go there to recover the sense of the domiciliary mass.

  24. As an instance of these, I may mention the domiciliary visits of the Iberian Madonna.

  25. I could not understand by what delusion, hallucination, or special ignis-fatuus the Senator was led into the idea that in this bill there is any suggestion of invading the domiciliary rights of the citizens of the States.

  26. Does any of the same invade the domiciliary rights of a citizen in any State?

  27. The clergy, in conjunction with the anti-Talmudists, daily made domiciliary visits into Jewish houses to confiscate copies of the Talmud.

  28. Then she will probably visit her mother, and we can avail ourselves of the opportunity and make a domiciliary visit at the same time.

  29. At the domiciliary visit to Mrs. Reierson's, no trace could be found of the money.

  30. While at Luzarches, Sophie received a domiciliary visit from the local revolutionary committee.

  31. His aunt should have a domiciliary visit, and see how she liked that.

  32. The policy used was to collect them from distant points, so that domiciliary visits from the patrols and the police in the neighbourhood where the outrage had been committed found the peasantry within their own habitations.

  33. I could not take the responsibility of making a domiciliary search all through the house.

  34. I am sure that we shall get a domiciliary visit presently," continued Pere Lenegre, after a slight pause.

  35. Before the rise of factories into which workmen might be collected, and their labour more healthily regulated, Willenhall lock-making was always conducted in small domiciliary workshops.

  36. In effective lay-work the principle holds good through all the difficulties of domiciliary effort.

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