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Example sentences for "downpours"

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  1. Even as it is, much of the embanking seems to be of a rather slight character, and quite unfit to stand the tremendous tropical downpours of the early summer months.

  2. In its intensity rain varies all the way from the finest drizzle or the sprinkle of occasional drops up to the torrential downpours often known as "cloud-bursts.

  3. The term has been most commonly applied to downpours in mountainous regions.

  4. We still have to pass the rainy season here, as these continual downpours would surely prostrate you with the fever.

  5. But before that time the principal luggage was deposited in the "men's quarters" and during great downpours the young quartette staid in the gigantic trunk, perfectly sheltered.

  6. There were tremendous downpours of rain, lasting for a couple of hours and accompanied by thunder and lightning.

  7. As, from this time forth, the tropical downpours set in with pleasing regularity, every morning and every evening, our tanks were soon full.

  8. We therefore utilized these tropical downpours to wash ourselves, and as shower baths, our necessity resulting in the invention of a new sort of bath,--a swinging bath.

  9. Suddenly there came on one of those torrential downpours that often deluge the dry plains in spring.

  10. Both Ida Mary and I were caught in one of those downpours and had to swim the horses across swift-rising Cedar Creek.

  11. The rainy season begins the first of June and ends the last of December, but the heavy downpours do not come on until about August 1st.

  12. Many amongst them, endued with great strength, drawing their bows full six cubits long, showered on the heroic son of Subhadra arrowy downpours like torrents of rain.

  13. Drona's son and Bhima, both possessed of great prowess and might, began to shower their arrowy downpours like two masses of rain-charged clouds.

  14. Dhananjaya, however, baffled by means of his own arrowy downpours the flights of arrows shot by Radha's son, that warrior of the blazing bow, that hero of bright shafts.

  15. The arrowy downpours of those two warriors, both, excited with rage and resembling Death himself or the sun scattering his rays, were exceedingly terrible.

  16. Indeed, showering upon each other their arrowy downpours like two masses of clouds at the close of summer, two warriors, with eyes red as copper in rage, completely covered each other in that battle with their shafts.

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