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  1. Gruffly growled the wind on Toller downland broad and bare, And lonesome was the house and dark; and few came there.

  2. Till, the upper roadway quitting, I adventured on the open drouthy downland thinly grassed, While the spry white scuts of conies flashed before me, earthward flitting, And an arid wind went past.

  3. But the stretch of downland running from Guildford to Newlands Corner has a charm that belongs to none of these.

  4. Above Merrow stretches some of the most perfect downland in England.

  5. Then the day on the Downland when we went like the light From the spring by Hurst Compton till the Clump was in sight, Till we killed by The Romans, where Blowbury is, All the best of that gallop shall be nothing to this.

  6. Charles married his lady, but he rode no more races; He lives on the Downland on the blown grassy places, Where he and Right Royal can canter for hours On the flock bitten turf full of tiny blue flowers.

  7. Increased considerably just below the town by the Og, another winter bourne which issues from the heart of the downland to the north, the Kennet slips down through narrow water-meadows from mill to mill, till it enters Ramsbury chase.

  8. Upon this downland all her life had been passed, all her life except the few months she had spent by her daughter's bedside in Egypt.

  9. A vast crowd swarmed over the opposite hill, and beyond the crowd the women saw a piece of open downland dotted with bushes, and rising in gentle incline to a belt of trees which closed the horizon.

  10. But it is the orchids that chiefly draw one's thoughts to Downland when midsummer is approaching.

  11. The downland breeze flutters my uncle's coat-tails, disarranges his stiff hair, and insists on the evidence of undisciplined appetites in face and form, as he points out this or that feature in the prospect to his attentive collaborator.

  12. He was the first to find me, scorching as he did over the downland turf, and making a wide course to get the Carnaby plantations at their narrowest.

  13. He displayed none of the airy optimism of their previous talk over the downland gate.

  14. For a time she sat on a rail before leaving the road for the downland turf.

  15. Swelling Flood, and ride the beaten way, or take to the downland and the forest, and so again by the forest and downland and the forest once more, till we come to the Burg of the Four Friths?

  16. The downland air was as a tonic wine to every creature that breathed it.

  17. Suddenly he understood that she wished to see the stars once more, the stars they had watched together from the open downland in that wild honeymoon of theirs five years ago.

  18. They came every spring-time north-westward into the country, after the swallows and before the hippopotami, as the grass on the wide downland stretches grew long.

  19. And it occurred to me that the grey stretch of downland beyond must be the ridge to the west of Ridinghanger.

  20. A little wind swept up the downland to them, making the brown benets nod in a friendly fashion.

  21. Here there is a truly splendid view over miles and miles of the flat country, for the course lies on a piece of breezy downland perched high above its surroundings.

  22. Another short hole on the way out, though hardly such a good one, is the eighth; we have to play a typical downland hole, jumping from hillside to hillside over a gully.

  23. They are of the downland order, with blind shots, big perplexing slopes, and greens cut out of the sides of hills.

  24. Being high in the air and not down on the level of the shore, it has many of the characteristics of the typical downland courses.

  25. We had left the salt-marsh behind us, and for some time I had felt the soft springy turf of the downland beneath my feet, and our path had risen and dipped over the curves of the low coast hills.

  26. It is everything to me to have two brave men at my back,' said she, and so, with a smile, gave her horse its head and cantered off over the downland in the direction of Grosbois.

  27. Up to the reign of Queen Anne this vast open tract of downland formed a happy hunting ground for the inhabitants of all the surrounding counties.

  28. On she struggled after her resolute indefatigable nose, and the poppies in her bonnet quivered perpetually and her spring-side boots grew whiter and whiter with the downland dust.

  29. You figure her, I hope, with her white bundle, a sort of erect black ant, hurrying along the little white path-thread athwart the downland slopes under the hot sun of the summer afternoon.

  30. Sir Richmond and the younger lady went on very cheerfully to the population, agriculture, housing and general scenery of the surrounding Downland during the later Stone Age.

  31. The long Downland gradients, quivering very slightly with the vibration of the road, came swiftly and easily to meet and pass the throbbing little car as he sat beside her and talked to her.

  32. As a general rule, it may be held with considerable certainty, not only in Wiltshire, but also in other parts of England, that our early settlers from the Continent elected to live on the downland rather than in the valleys.

  33. The word Plain is somewhat misleading, for the surface of the Salisbury Downland is anything but even, as poor Samuel Pepys found to his cost when he traversed it in 1668, and on his journey encountered some "great hills, even to fright us.

  34. Its proportions are dwarfed by the wide expanse of downland which surrounds it.

  35. The country in that part is high-lying chalk downland, something like the downland of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, though generally barer of trees, and less bold in its valleys.

  36. In general, from any distance, the villages stand out upon the downland as clumps of woodland.

  37. One of the best shepherds I know, who is sixty years old and has been on the same downland sheep-farm all his life, assures me that he has never had and never would have a dog which was trained by another.

  38. I began to doubt that there ever had been such a name until quite recently when, on going over an old downland village church, the rector took me out to show me "a strange name" on a tablet let into the wall of the building outside.

  39. One evening in late December a drover arrived at Chitterne with a flock of sheep which he was driving to Tilshead, another downland village several miles away.

  40. The churchyard is in one of the prettiest and most secluded villages in the downland country described in this book.

  41. The name of Reed, the zealous thresher with the flail, serves to remind me of yet another Reed, a woman who died a few years ago aged ninety-four, and whose name should be cherished in one of the downland villages.

  42. Tramp, in spite of being strange to the downs and the downland sheep-dog's work, would probably have been kept by Caleb to the end but for his ineradicable passion for hunting rabbits.

  43. The composition of this oil was a secret: it was made by a man in one of the downland villages and sold at eighteenpence a small bottle; Isaac was a believer in its efficacy, and always kept a bottle hidden away somewhere in his cottage.

  44. The traveller in Downland is advised for once to turn his back on the hills and walk as far as the summit of the Haslemere road where the new route turns sharp round to the left and hugs the escarpment of Bexley Hill.

  45. The whole of this beautiful stretch of Downland is open to the stranger; the best views are undoubtedly from the Race Course, which dates from 1802.

  46. The old Downland shepherd with embroidered smock and Pyecombe crook is vanishing fast, and with him will disappear a good deal of the character which made the Sussex native essentially different from his cousins of Essex and Wessex.

  47. A great trade was once done by the Downland peasantry in these "Sussex Ortolans," as they were called, but of late years the demand has dwindled to vanishing point.

  48. The Downs themselves are composed of various qualities of chalk; some of such a hard, smooth and workable material that, as will be seen presently, the columns in some of the Downland churches are made from this native "rock.

  49. Notice the embroidery in the reredos, an unusual style; also the fine wooden roof and shorn pillars; the latter detract from the general effect of the interior and have been noticed in other Downland churches on our route.

  50. The wind of the downland charmed his bones So off he went for the Sarsen Stones.

  51. He loved the downland like a sea, The downland where the kestrels hover; The downland had him for a lover.

  52. It rose, it took colour, became definite and detailed, and the counterpart of the Downland of England was speeding by below.

  53. Then rushing under the stern of the monoplane came the Wealden Heights, the line of Hindhead, Pitch Hill, and Leith Hill, with a second row of wind-wheels that seemed striving to rob the downland whirlers of their share of breeze.

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