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  1. The cold wind sweeping over Epsom downs reminded me of our own chilling easterly breezes; especially the northeasterly ones, which are to me less disagreeable than the southeasterly.

  2. Give a fellah a fo'penny bun in the mornin', an' he downs the whole of it.

  3. XXXI It was in the neighbourhood of Chalton Downs that a terrific, if, in some of its details, a somewhat farcical, encounter took place between two highwaymen and a mail-coach in the winter of 1791.

  4. Hampshire, whose bare chalk downs and unkindly levels of sand are growing lonelier and more desolate year by year.

  5. Before the race had been run, a solitary man with a dog at his heels had crossed the Downs on his way back to the railway station.

  6. They were climbing on to the Downs and could hear the deep hum of the people on the course.

  7. After much foul weather, we departed from the Downs on the 5th March.

  8. The duchess was too ill to proceed further by sea, and her husband did not dare to take her ashore without a written permission from the king, so there she lay tossing about in the Downs while an express was sent to London.

  9. Silver streams crossed these plains and downs of solemn leafage, distinguishable only when the sun flashed on their hurrying waters.

  10. Little-River-Jack and the O’Hara brothers had crowned themselves with glory on Crichel Downs since they had been employed there.

  11. He was going to give Little-River-Jack the post of overseer at a back outstation, and felt certain that no one would get hold of calf, cow, or bullock with the Crichel Downs brand as long as he was in charge.

  12. Every police station on the border of New South Wales and Victoria from Monaro to Murray Downs was noticed to look up their black tracker, and have their best horses ready.

  13. We could live in some dear little cottage on wide open downs near the sea, and I could have a linsey habit, and a pony, and ride about all day, and read and play to mamma at night.

  14. We've had our ups and downs together, and we've got on very pleasantly, take it for all in all.

  15. Cassy knew that Marion Van Dysk and Lillie Downs and a host of other damsels were also "to enjoy its advantages.

  16. Lillie Downs "remembered" her, and did not shrink from partaking of Cassy's corn-ball.

  17. Lillie Downs had evidently "forgotten" too, or else she was too busy to notice.

  18. Then Lillie Downs would entreat her to join in all the games, for Lillie Downs was already an acquaintance: at least she had said, "How do you do?

  19. Are you going to show me the downs to-morrow morning?

  20. He had known them when the great bird of the downs was not a mere tradition, and though he owned conscientiously to never having beheld the bird, a certain mystery of holiness hung about the region where the bird had been in his time.

  21. The downs looked like dreamland through the long afternoon.

  22. There on the downs the finest and liveliest are at their bidding ready to fly through them like hosts of angels.

  23. This astute gentleman had caught at the idea of a ride of the young couple to the downs with his customary alacrity of perception as being the very best arrangement for hurrying them to the point.

  24. Those long stretching lines of the downs are greyhounds in full career.

  25. Rosamund encouraged her to proceed, gladdened at hearing her speak of Nevil by that name; 'you have not been on the downs at all?

  26. By Monte Nero all nature had seemed dead in his eyes; the downs there had been nothing more to him than an empty hillside, a dull background to his own dominant existence.

  27. Over moving water the moon may be an enchantress, a weaver of potent spells, but it is on the downs she dominates--the still mistress of the night, of the lonely empty country and the lonely empty sky.

  28. The Downs and the sea are the redeeming features of Brighton, considered as a place of change and recreation for the over-worked of London.

  29. To those accustomed to an inclosed country there is something extremely curious in mile after mile of open undulating downs lost in the distant horizon.

  30. You will leave these downs and gullies, and the white cliffs far behind, Sailing on above the waters in the music of the wind.

  31. Their lake was sheltered, the knoll was high; and from the summit they could see the sprinkle of isles and their embracing waves, as far as Orloff Cape to the south, the downs of Kem on the west.

  32. This is a local species in England and occurs on the south coast; in Kent, on the sand hills at Deal; in Sussex, on the downs at Brighton and Lewes; also on downs on the Isle of Wight.

  33. In Kent, specimens have been found in the Folkestone and Tunbridge districts, but the chalk downs between Ashford and Wye appear to be the headquarters of the insect in Britain.

  34. The moth flies in May and June, and is only to be found on hills and downs in chalk or limestone districts.

  35. Tell Downs to come back, and don't forget which club.

  36. Downs was one of those strange beings who have been evolved by the age of petrol, an automaton compounded, seemingly, of steel springs and leather.

  37. Wetzel, has the capturing of James Downs any significance to you?

  38. Shortly after daylight on the second day following the release of the Downs brothers the hunter brushed through a thicket of alder and said: "Thar's Fort Henry.

  39. There was a white house on one of the great rolling downs behind the Graydown race-course, a low, white house with gabled roofs and dark green shutters.

  40. He also had large racing-stables in the neighbourhood of the downs behind the little town, and there was no knowing when one or other of his favourite pastimes might tempt him thither.

  41. She knew it, and she turned from the view of the downs to the view of the sea.

  42. It was on these downs that she had walked with William.

  43. Her heart beat as she recognised the spire of the church between the trees, and the undulating line of downs behind the trees awakened painful recollections.

  44. He has just come up from Eastbourne, where he 'as been about on the Downs a great deal.

  45. And thinking how she could get her box to Woodview that evening, she looked at the barren strip of country lying between the downs and the shingle beach.

  46. It is this excessive dependence upon the banks which largely accounts for the excessive ups and downs of colonial life.

  47. The discovery of the Darling Downs led to a certain amount of pastoral settlement, but it was not till its separation from New South Wales, in 1859, that, Queensland really began to flourish.

  48. During these varied ups and downs of racial life and rivalry the progress of Natal had not been very great.

  49. Many residences in the locality are occupied by those whose business lies in Manchester, who are attracted by the healthy climate and the vicinity of Bowdon Downs and Dunham Massey Woods.

  50. It stands on a wooded upland, amid the chalk downs of Salisbury Plain.

  51. Windāhgil Downs was a proverb in the mouths of the pioneer squatters of the colony, and the Laura and Linda rivers were duly marked upon the official map at the Surveyor-General’s office as permanent and important watercourses.

  52. People tell me that Windāhgil Downs is going to be the finest sheep property west of the Barcoo, and Hubert’s reputation as a pioneer is in everybody’s mouth now.

  53. Windāhgil Downs will carry a hundred thousand sheep if it will ten.

  54. When Windāhgil Downs is in thorough working order and fully stocked, we can treat ourselves to a run home every five years or so without feeling uneasy about the seasons or anything else.

  55. I wish we had some Wantabalree Downs ready to take up,” said Willoughby, regretfully.

  56. Rabbits must have swarmed on the downs in the olden times.

  57. Previously the distant ridges of the downs were shaded by a dim haze hovering over them, toning the rolling curves and softening the bolder bluffs.

  58. On and near the Downs coursing hares is much followed.

  59. In describing the hill district, evidence was given of the existence of woods or forest land upon the downs in the olden time.

  60. The route followed was a wild and unfrequented one, and the smugglers appear to have kept to the downs as much as possible.

  61. A path running from Wick across the fields to the distant downs leads to the forest.

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