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Example sentences for "egocentric"

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  1. He found an extraordinary number of emotionally toned, egocentric relations.

  2. The former show in their productions how their religious ideas arise, their egocentric quality is patent, they manifestly are but thin cloaks for selfish wishes.

  3. As to the question of phthisis and mental disease, Ziehen remarks that the tuberculous are often observed to be optimistic but that other cases show a hypochondriacal depression with egocentric narrowing of interests.

  4. As yet there is no autobiography or biography of an egocentric personality so convincing as George Meredith's The Egoist.

  5. The desire for recognition is a permanent and universal trait of human nature, but in the case of an egocentric personality, this wish may take the form of an excessive humility or a pretentious boasting.

  6. Studies of paranoia and of egocentric personalities have resulted in the discovery of the only or favorite child complex.

  7. That he was somewhat egocentric in that respect?

  8. I do not remember any particular case, but I always took him and considered him as an egocentric person.

  9. His egotism, or egocentric method, is the fundamental fact about his work.

  10. His egocentric method of treatment is what characterizes him as an artist.

  11. It is the lack of any self criticism combined with an abnormal egocentric trend of thought that biases their judgments concerning themselves.

  12. Notwithstanding her known social characteristics, there were very few egocentric or subjective reactions.

  13. This is the "egocentric predicament" in its ethical aspect.

  14. And the egocentric predicament proves Hobbes and La Rochefoucauld as little as it proves Berkeley or Karl Pearson.

  15. Mr. Wilson's personal sensitiveness and egocentric nature played an essential part in all the negotiations.

  16. Finally, isolation breeds deeper introspection, and the poet is ready to start on a second revolution of the egocentric circle.

  17. And modern poets, no less than ancient ones, feel that, before becoming the channel of world meaning, they must be deprived of their own petty, egocentric thoughts.

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