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Example sentences for "egoism"

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  1. No one who has not done some work in this field at first or second hand can realize the difficulties which confronted investigators.

  2. Yahweh could command whole tribes to be slaughtered, and no one felt the least religious discomfort.

  3. He lived his life sincerely as other men have done and did not dream of the use history would make of his name.

  4. The normal vulgarity of man and the license of general egoism further distort the image until it becomes a caricature.

  5. But in the minds of most of our present imperialists, imperial egoism is now deprived of its only possible psychological basis.

  6. Unless our side learn by training themselves in theological egoism to hate the other side, we shall be beaten in the next battle.

  7. If the policy of imperial egoism is a successful one it will be adopted by all empires alike, and whether we desire it or not, the victor in each inter-imperial war will take over the territory of the loser.

  8. He was not freed from the egoism of industry; he received industrial freedom.

  9. The God of practical needs and egoism is money.

  10. Jewish Jesuitism, the same practical Jesuitism that Bauer infers from the Talmud, is the relation of the world of egoism to the laws which dominate it, and the cunning circumvention of which is the supreme art of this world.

  11. But the stock-in-trade of German morality and honour, not only as regards individuals but also as regards classes, constitutes rather that modest species of egoism which brings into prominence its own limitations.

  12. Practical needs or egoism are the principle of bourgeois society, and they appear openly as such so soon as bourgeois society gives birth to the political state.

  13. When base egoism was compromising a cause more priceless than the personality of any man, it was Danton who made them ashamed by the soul-inspiring exclamation, 'Let my name be blotted out and my memory perish, if only France may be free.

  14. It is always the most difficult thing in the world to draw a line between mere arrogant egoism on the one hand, and on the other the identification of a man's personal elevation with the success of his public cause.

  15. We must remember, too, that the monstrous egoism of Moser is not represented as a typical quality of that old age which feels itself robbed by the advance of triumphant youth.

  16. What Schnitzler shows is that egoism grows more repulsive as increasing age makes it less warranted.

  17. All that saves his egoism from being hateful is, that, with its immense reaches, it cheats the sense into a feeling of something like sublimity.

  18. Eventually, then, there will come also a state in which egoism and altruism are so conciliated that the one merges in the other.

  19. Still the same devil of egoism which in such a new, cunning form is trying to deceive and overpower me.

  20. It is only the weakening, the temporary disappearance of spiritual life and the assertion of the claims of egoism which on awakening finds no food for itself and is miserable.

  21. Till that time he had supposed that he had to do with sincere egoism and ill-will, with open wilfulness and innate coarseness and with morbid abnormality.

  22. But it would have been hard for many to believe that there was not a considerable share of egoism or weakness of character in his living with his wife in the surroundings in which his family lived.

  23. When, among the lower animal forms we find individuals without a determined sex, egoism develops free from all restraint.

  24. Even when propagation commences to take place by means of individual male and female parents, the same principle of egoism largely obtains.

  25. For his egoism he had an admirably probable explanation, and he was at this moment explaining it to Tom Merivale, who had made the soft impeachment with regard to its undoubted existence.

  26. For a couple of minutes his egoism had run away with him, taking the bit in its teeth, and the thought that he loved her, that he needed her, had not only been uppermost, but alone in his mind.

  27. For outside the field of immutable laws, children ought not to be constrained or coerced against their nature and their disposition, against their healthy egoism and against their especial tastes.

  28. Then will love be cherished as the most delicate, most precious thing in life; then will egoism and unselfishness attain a perfect harmony, because the husband and wife find happiness only in assuring the happiness of the other.

  29. She was of a race that will come in the far future, when we shall have outgrown our egoism--the brainless egoism of a little boy pulling off flies' wings.

  30. For, like her mother, she had the egoism that is more selfless than most people's altruism--the divine egoism that is genius.

  31. The fierce egoism of the consciously weak flamed up in her.

  32. The egoism of the upper classes held military duty in contempt, while their avarice depopulated the countryside, whence the legions had drawn their recruits.

  33. He only showed his own personality in an egoism more narrow-minded, in hatred yet bitterer than his father's; or in a haughty and jealous insistence upon an absolute authority which he never had the wit to maintain.

  34. It is no valid excuse to say that state egoism is no sin, but a virtue and a merit, that it is different in character from the egoism of the individual.

  35. Egoism may be sound, but it is always the contrary of moral.

  36. The situation had its pathos for him as well as for her, though perhaps he might never know it; for there had come into the reality of her feeling for him the very elements which his own egoism had most feared and hated.

  37. In his egoism he dubs him holy; his family is of a selected blood; he makes the crown hereditary--Ego.

  38. Son by son the shame of egoism increases; valour abates; hereditary Crown, no hereditary qualities.

  39. He would feel the pulse of his human egoism and wonder: "Which would you prefer?

  40. Her egoism was thinly coated with a blurred metaphysical tinge.

  41. In his fatherly egoism it had never occurred to him, and he was angry.

  42. For he did not altogether like her having so little egoism in her friendship as to think only of the interests of her friend--who asked only to be allowed to give no thought to them.

  43. The memories of those days would come to him now that he no longer had his youthful egoism to preserve.

  44. He knew perfectly what he was doing: egoism enshrined in art is like a mirror to larks, like a candle to moths.

  45. He said that with such an outburst of lover's egoism that she laughed.

  46. He was in a state of raw sensitiveness which left his feelings absolutely unprotected: he was only too ready to see egoism and indifference everywhere, and to withdraw into himself.

  47. In his naïve egoism he thought only of the pleasure of having Jacqueline all to himself.

  48. Jacqueline condemned herself: there was a sharp conflict between her egoism and her mother's love.

  49. In the egoism of his love he longed to be the only one to enjoy her peace.

  50. It was not egoism so much as a morbid habit of dreaming.

  51. The facts which are cited in support of the alleged pure egoism of children really show the intensity and directness with which they go to their mark.

  52. Most of the remainder of children's alleged native egoism is simply an egoism which runs counter to an adult's egoism.

  53. One day, for the sake of the family he would marry--perhaps was already married if he had been able to find a woman in America who would accept his egoism along with his old name and possessions.

  54. What may at first sight appear as ├Žsthetic or mystic egoism is perhaps the better way.

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