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Example sentences for "embroiling"

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embroideries; embroidering; embroidery; embroil; embroiled; embroilment; embrowned; embrued; embruted; embryo
  1. I had reason to believe that here was another plot of Dubois, to cause me trouble by embroiling me with M.

  2. Duc d'Orleans, following out the traditions of the Palais Royal, had acquired the detestable taste and habit of embroiling people one with the other, so as to profit by their divisions.

  3. He could not openly have made this promotion without embroiling himself with the latter; but coming as it would from M.

  4. In a remarkable passage, Renard urged the emperor on no account to encourage him in a step so eminently injudicious, from a problematic hope of embroiling England and France.

  5. I cannot say it is a collection of human beings, because the very dogs and canoes and so on that belong to it are part of it in the eye of the law, and capable therefore alike of embroiling it and advancing its interests.

  6. Godefroy fought cursing our souls to all eternity for embroiling him in peril.

  7. Muttering against the braves for embroiling themselves in war without cause, he fell away from the marauders as if to leave.

  8. I was also often indignant at her insolence to me, and at her frequently embroiling me with Monsieur.

  9. The Jesuits, by way of embroiling my son with the King, represented that he was about to engage a Jansenist on his establishment.

  10. It does not appear that this remonstrance had the desired effect upon the states-general, who were apprehensive of embroiling themselves with an enemy so remarkably alert in taking all advantages.

  11. If, my dear, you can procure a vehicle for us both, you can perhaps procure one for me singly: but can it be done without embroiling yourself with your mother, or her with our family?

  12. To this end they conceive that Bismarck has aimed at embroiling Russia with England, so that the one may paralyse the other; at separating England and France, and at setting up an alliance between France and Germany.

  13. As a matter of fact, if we had seized Egypt in 1876, it would not have had the immediate effect of embroiling us with France.

  14. The only advantage he can offer to England is support on the Eastern Question, and it is on this question that he would have the best chance of embroiling her with Russia.

  15. I have certain projects of embroiling Margot with her husband.

  16. Yes; he has reasons for embroiling us, which I know well.

  17. Catholicism, besides, was in a large majority in France: how, then, was he to treat with its foes without embroiling himself utterly with it?

  18. In this monarchy, however, there did not happen to be, at the date of the sixteenth century, a sovereign audacious enough and powerful enough to gratify his personal passions at the cost of embroiling himself, like Henry VIII.

  19. She was a prudent woman, that poor mother of mine, and she was afraid of her son's chastising what she called presumption, and thus embroiling himself with the Parliament people.

  20. He thought to materially weaken my interest with Monsieur by detaching from me Madame de Chevreuse, for whom he had a natural tenderness, and to give me a mortal blow by embroiling me with Mademoiselle her daughter.

  21. I believe, Jack, your father will be safe from harm and that the men who seized him are intent on embroiling Mexico and the United States.

  22. The rebels, as I suspected, wanted to make trouble for President Obregon, of Mexico, by embroiling him with the United States.

  23. He reproached the Cardinals with embroiling a clear matter.

  24. When we had delivered to the judges the charge that was against me, and they had read to those words, "that I and my friends were embroiling the nation in blood," etc.

  25. But when they came to that part which said that I and my friends were embroiling the nation in blood, and raising a new war, and that I was an enemy to the King, etc.

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