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Example sentences for "endearments"

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ende; endear; endeared; endearing; endearment; endears; endeavor; endeavored; endeavoring; endeavors
  1. It was in these moments that Cicely loved her most warmly, for caresses and endearments soothed her, and the grateful affection which received them would be very sweet.

  2. Ay, and of all the endearments to Leicester and to Hatton?

  3. Atlength the happy date arrived, and she hurried distractedly through the day's work, trying to conceal her impatience by the endearments she bestowed upon her pupils.

  4. The former may add to the luxuries of life; the latter is essential to the happiness of home--to the joys and endearments of a family, to the affection of relations, to the fidelity of domestics.

  5. Prone on the lonely grave of the dear man She drops, whilst busy meddling memory, In barbarous succession, musters up The past endearments of her softer hours, Tenacious of its theme.

  6. They mean nothing by their endearments and familiarities, and neither will suffer any pangs when the pleasant intimacy is ended.

  7. Your womanly reserve has won his respect, and he makes no attempts to win privileges of endearments before he confesses his love, but frankly and manfully pleads his suit and wins.

  8. May you not with perfect modesty allow endearments and caresses that hitherto have not been permissible?

  9. We spent the interval in whispered vows and fond endearments and embracings of each other's naked charms, both of us admiringly passing our hands over every part of our bodies.

  10. I could not help feeling what a different effect these endearments would have had twenty-four hours earlier; but now, momentarily satisfied passions, and the new love that had seized me for Mrs. B.

  11. We passed the night in orgies the most refined, interspersed with tears of regret at our parting, and soft endearments leading to perfect furies of lubricity, until I was nearly fainting with exhaustion.

  12. I could well have spared them that night, but when did one of my years not respond to the endearments of the woman he loved, and who yielded all to him.

  13. The latter lent herself to my endearments with a bad enough grace, as she hoped Harlequin would marry her, and consequently did not want to vex him.

  14. The good marchioness, believing these endearments to be peculiar to river spirits, was pleased with everything, and begged the Undine to shew me the same kindness.

  15. The endearments attached to that beloved and significant appellation are fled with departed time, and Bethlehem no longer beholds her in a situation to command respect, to excite envy, or to purchase attention.

  16. Let inclination bow to a sense of duty--let God be obeyed rather than man--let not only authority be resisted, but even the fondest endearments sacrificed to the divine requirements.

  17. A thousand past endearments recurred to their memory, a thousand uncertainties springing from the bosom of futurity, presented themselves to their minds.

  18. Such is the sole conjugal embrace I am ever to know--such are the endearments which are to solace my leisure hours!

  19. He loved to fondle her, to exchange endearments with her.

  20. Every Sunday did his mother spend in mixing the lessons of piety with the endearments of love; in striving to connect the idea of a superintending God with all that is beautiful--all that is majestic--in nature.

  21. Shall I find no balm in the consolations of friendship, the endearments of parental love--no joy in the sweets of benevolence, the stores of knowledge, the miracles of grace!

  22. The old woman seemed astounded by the endearments which the fine gentleman lavished on the child, and muttered between her teeth: "Oh!

  23. Denise allowed her aunt to have her way; she no longer had any heart for anything, her melancholy seemed to increase every day, and the child's endearments were powerless to divert her.

  24. A thousand times has my fluttering heart yearned to break the cruel chains that fettered it, and to chase the cloud, which stole over your brow, by the tender, yet chaste, caresses and endearments of ineffable affection!

  25. Like the mother, who lavishes her tenderest endearments on her sickliest child, did he now endeavour to support his brother in his afflictions.

  26. He held the disgusting object to his lips, and lavished endearments on the putrid corpse.

  27. Another groan--and like a flash she was down on her knees lavishing endearments upon the road agent.

  28. In such moments she would rise and flee to the other end of the room until the whispered endearments had ceased.

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