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Example sentences for "eradicated"

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equum; equyte; era; eradicate; eradicating; eradication; eram; eran; erano
  1. The merciless inquisition of the conqueror eradicated the most distant branches of the hostile race: their bones were scattered, their memory was accursed, and the martyrdom of Hossein was abundantly revenged on the posterity of his tyrants.

  2. The strangers of old, Cadmus, and Danaus, and Pelops, had planted in that fruitful soil the seeds of policy and learning; but the savages of the north eradicated what yet remained of their sickly and withered roots.

  3. In the extensive provinces of Persia and Africa, the national religion has been eradicated by the Mahometan faith.

  4. The legislative and executive powers were centred in the person of the monarch, and the last remains of the authority of the senate were finally eradicated by Leo the philosopher.

  5. Perhaps such indulgence may be considered excessive; but we must observe that when abuses are deeply rooted, they cannot be eradicated without a vigorous effort.

  6. The repeated lessons of experience ought to have convinced certain philosophers that these ideas and feelings, engraven on the heart of man by the finger of the Author of nature, cannot be eradicated by declamation or sophistry.

  7. I had previously conceived thoroughly deep convictions relating to this subject, and I now know no amount of spiritual aid could have possibly eradicated them sufficiently to have allowed the presentation of the plain, unadulterated truth.

  8. There is an embodiment of selfishness underlying the human family which will first have to be eradicated through education, and it is the desire of the spirit world that man should be a brother to his fellow-man.

  9. During the first ten years of the term the land must be absolutely cleared of prickly pear--one-tenth of the pear being eradicated during each year--and must be kept clear for the remainder of the term.

  10. During the first five years of the term the land must be absolutely cleared of prickly pear, one-fifth of the pear being eradicated during each year, and must be kept clear during the balance of the term.

  11. However, the double conception of the corn as mother and daughter may have been too old and too deeply rooted in the popular mind to be eradicated by logic, and so room had to be found in the reformed myth both for mother and daughter.

  12. If the gens could have eradicated the classes this evil would, in a great measure, have been removed.

  13. In the light of these facts some of the excrescences of modern civilization, such as Mormonism, are seen to be relics of the old savagism not yet eradicated from the human brain.

  14. By the first victories of Batou, the remains of national freedom were eradicated in the immense plains of Turkestan and Kipzak.

  15. Religion stood in their way, and the wretch Marat, as well as the steady villain Weishaupt, saw that they could not proceed till they had eradicated all sentiments of the moral government of the universe.

  16. It should be eradicated by advice and practice.

  17. Senseless, jerky, agitated pokings and twitchings should be eradicated completely.

  18. Bodily eccentricities and awkwardness which detract from the speech itself should be eradicated by strenuous practice.

  19. I say that they must be banished, eradicated by the roots.

  20. The system, in which they had been trained, had eradicated the idea of personal responsibility from their minds.

  21. None but brave and daring men remained long with Sebituane, his stern discipline soon eradicated cowardice from his army.

  22. But the most sanguine person does not imagine that cretinism will be eradicated for many generations.

  23. If goitre is really an ally of cretinism, the sooner it is eradicated the better.

  24. It could not therefore be entirely eradicated by any modification in the papal electoral forms; although improvements might be introduced, making them the occasion of less scandal.

  25. The classics, unlike the canonical scriptures, have been subjected to the purifying process of rigid criticism, and the monkish corruptions which once perverted the meaning, are in a great measure eradicated from modern editions.

  26. But still the disorderly elements which shook the church could not be entirely eradicated without the abolishment of the papal throne.

  27. Like a fire, speech disorders in their early stages are insignificant compared to their future progress and can be much more readily eradicated then than later.

  28. They usually start in childhood with a case of simple stuttering which, if treated then, could be eradicated quickly and easily.

  29. If it could be eradicated without in the process creating dangers for popular government he would rejoice.

  30. They are more easily to be eradicated than governed.

  31. This is the reason why Clitomachus said of old that Carneades had outdone the labours of Hercules, in having eradicated consent from men, that is to say, opinion and the courage of judging.

  32. Nor is it likely that the sanguinary passions, common to barbarians, have been eradicated in the Mongols.

  33. But it is quite certain that it has not eradicated the old superstitions.

  34. Eighteen hundred years of Christian teaching have not eradicated these ingrained sins from any one unit of the entire mass.

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