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Example sentences for "eradication"

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  1. Is it not humiliating that public lethargy made it necessary for Mr Rockefeller to provide funds for the investigation and eradication of hookworm disease?

  2. Our chief difficulty lies in coordinating the various forces and agencies which are essential to success in the eradication of sickness.

  3. All NNGA members are asked to write to their state and federal senators and representatives urging immediate preventive measures against the spread and for the eradication of the oak wilt disease.

  4. A combination trenching and eradication program was started in the summer of 1950 in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County in Illinois.

  5. The eradication of the opium habit is being followed by the development of the morphia traffic.

  6. Another preventive measure of great economic and sanitary importance is the eradication of tuberculosis in cattle.

  7. The first great goal under the Communists was the eradication of illiteracy, which, according to the government, had been achieved by 1958.

  8. Foremost among the basic aims were the eradication of illiteracy and the broadening of the educational base to include all children of school age.

  9. Paraguay, Indians of, eradication of eyebrows and eyelashes by.

  10. Sproat, Mr., on the extinction of savages in Vancouver Island; on the eradication of facial hair by the natives of Vancouver Island; on the eradication of the beard by the Indians of Vancouver Island.

  11. Vancouver Island, Mr. Sproat on the savages of; natives of, eradication of facial hair by the.

  12. Eyelashes, eradication of, by the Indians of Paraguay.

  13. The direct result of these studies will be the gradual eradication of predaceous insects and dangerous tree diseases from the valuable timber forests of the Government.

  14. Following the eradication of the larkspur the loss was 4 head.

  15. In almost every administrative district there is a Consulting Pathologist, connected with the Bureau of Plant Pathology of the Department of Agriculture, who has charge of all work dealing with the eradication of tree diseases.

  16. The failure of such as these to do any good led to a widespread belief that there was no successful method for the eradication of speech disorders.

  17. The result of this diagnosis should be set down in the form of a report in order that the parent may have a permanent record of the child's condition and may be able to take the proper steps for the eradication of the speech disorder.

  18. Obviously, therefore, any measures looking toward the eradication of the fly or the proper disposal of manure will aid in the control and eradication of this worm.

  19. The Federal Health Service immediately took charge, and measures for the eradication of the disease were vigorously enforced.

  20. General measures along the line of tick eradication must be carried out if the disease is to be controlled.

  21. Economic evolution is very slow process, and, while doing what we can to hasten it, we must take such precautions as existing conditions permit, looking to a reduction in or complete eradication of the disease.

  22. Hunter and Bishopp give the following summarized recommendations for control or eradication measures in the Bitter Root Valley.

  23. In localities where it still prevails, its further reduction or complete eradication waits on a further improvement in, or extension of, the improved economic status of those afflicted.

  24. The result has been not the eradication of malaria, but the reduction of the cases to about one-third the number at which they stood in 1906.

  25. In other words, it is employed in cases of extrinsic cancer in which the growth is not too advanced to render the prospect of its eradication hopeless.

  26. They taught the eradication of selfishness from all living beings and the abolition of the system of individual accumulation, practiced then and now by all of your species.

  27. Nor have we any direct evidence that the continued eradication of the hair would lead to any inherited effect.

  28. The pliable period of early childhood is the time most favorable to the eradication of vicious tendencies, and to the development of the latent possibilities for good.

  29. But a portion of the people of that District are now demanding the eradication of the evil in question.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "eradication" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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