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  1. It aims to place those whom it opposes under its heel.

  2. Surviving members are hazy as to their aims and methods, the character of their membership, their members, and the connection between them.

  3. The arguments of literary critics as to what constitutes this good literature have no place in a work of this nature that aims to aid teachers and parents in selecting books for their children.

  4. He aims only at showing them the path, and giving them a little foretaste of our treasures.

  5. It neither adds nor takes away; but aims to express the original with the utmost clearness and force, and with the utmost precision.

  6. Having thus noticed the painful experience and unfaltering devotion to noble aims which marked the career of Charles Lamb, we leave him with his friends, and pass to notice the same elements in the life of his brother wit.

  7. And then evidently he aims at a middle course, as if he would confess that he swam between two currents, which is what the adverse party ought to take rather more into account.

  8. The noblest humanitarian aims of employers, too, are often thwarted by the very conditions under which their business must be carried on.

  9. Maximilian too was ready to set aside all other aims to secure the aggrandizement of his house.

  10. The Social Democrats and even the Communists of the rest of Europe have in view aims which, no matter how fantastic, are always of a sufficiently defined nature.

  11. The revolutionary party in Russia has no definite aims of either reorganization or improvement.

  12. The aims of La Rochefoucauld, in support of which he was ready to sacrifice his country, were of a class that must seem to us now petty in the extreme.

  13. This may be ascertained by regarding the end and object each of them aims at; for that intention is to be most valued which makes the noblest end its object.

  14. For youth clings more tenaciously to life than older people do, for to them it is an untried and shining pathway, flowered with hope, anticipation, and the luring glimmer of unfulfilled aims and ambitions.

  15. She's a pacifist and a suffragist, and aims to be a farmerette.

  16. What are his aims and plans Heaven only knows; but at any rate we have no right to grumble at the great schemer, for ever since Lutzen he has kept the emperor's best army inactive.

  17. I believe he was never once startled from the dream of illusive joy which pictured to him all high aims as possible of realization through talk.

  18. But if a man has higher aims and objects in life, if he wants to avoid an endless cycle of re-incarnations, if he wants to become a master of his destiny, then must he first become a master of himself.

  19. Little or no risk is run while occult literature aims merely at putting a reasonable construction on perverted tenets--in showing people that truth may lurk behind even the strangest theologic fictions.

  20. He repeatedly insists on this point, adding that "it is the ONLY one of all the arts that aims at the general; so that once this objective has been attributed to it, we have said all that it is and all that the rest cannot be.

  21. As has already been said, psychoanalysis aims at bringing into consciousness all the forgotten things.

  22. It can be asserted with justice, however, that the genetic method of investigation which is exemplified by Darwin's study of evolution is an imperfect method for discovering the aims of human beings.

  23. Inspecting the field of Orange County journalism one sees the Glebe strewn with wrecks of ambitious effort, and sympathy goes out to the disappointed strugglers, they of tattered aims and ambitions; of immolated hopes and desires.

  24. Mr. McClung has already shown that this confidence in his character and aims is well founded.

  25. This consecration to higher duties and nobler aims than those involved in mere professional success does not, however, constitute the sole reason why Judge Groo ceased to be a familiar and prominent figure in the courts of Orange County.

  26. It stands as a monument to the enterprise, the religious feelings, enthusiasm, aims and forces of a period and a propagandism that seem slowly but surely fading into the twilight of the ages.

  27. They should reflect: The theory, not to say the eye, which aims a squirrel rifle will point a cannon.

  28. Statesman Calhoun aims to follow the General in the headship of American affairs.

  29. The dance is a bodily movement which aims at no practical purpose and is thus not bound by outer necessities.

  30. The mixing of the reasons can bring only confusion, and such chaos is unavoidable indeed, as long as the aims are not clearly discriminated.

  31. Perhaps he was, in his helplessness, merely of that refugee-type which exile moulds men to: a thing of memories and hopes, without definite aims or plans.

  32. Her blood rather than recollection revived their exchanges during the dance at Baden, for assurance that their likings were one, their aims rapturously one; that he was she, she he, the two hearts making one soul.

  33. Tell me, ye who scanned The stars, Earth's elders, still must noblest aims Be traced upon oblivious ocean-sands?

  34. If the aims of the Asolando were absurd, what might be said of the declarations of this old lady in favor of a return to the age of sword and buckler!

  35. It is a great joy to me also to have seen you and to have again established in our detailed discussions our entire accord regarding aims which guide us.

  36. The entire alliance aims only at the maintenance of peace in all directions.

  37. Philipp Scheidemann declared that the aims of the Entente Socialists were to a great extent in complete accord with the annexationist aims of the Entente Governments.

  38. Koroshetz is taking the lead in the organization of a Jugoslav National Council of some twenty-four members, whose aims are euphemistically described for the present as "to arrange the tactics of the general Jugoslav policy.

  39. War aims were not discussed, for there can be no question of war aims.

  40. AIMS of the War, defined by Emperor of Germany, 36; stated by Pres.

  41. The new plan aims at creating in each of the twelve new districts a German minority and to grant to this minority, however small it may be, considerable advantages in the administrative and electoral domains.

  42. But the extravagant hopes now built on Jehovah were balanced on the other side by sober and realisable aims which the course of history presented.

  43. Jacob is sketched with a more realistic touch than the other two; he has a strong dash of artifice and desire of gain, qualities which do not fail to secure the ends he aims at.

  44. And the Jehovist does not even pretend to being a Mosaic law of any kind; it aims at being a simple book of history; the distance between the present and the past spoken of is not concealed in the very least.

  45. In 1890, when the Bavarian rebels were under discussion in the national congress, Bebel told the delegates that "a fighting party such as our Social Democracy can only achieve its aims when every member observes the strictest discipline.

  46. It therefore aims at the re-organization of society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership, and the vesting of them in the community for the general benefit.

  47. Even the Labor Party is divided over the paternalistic measure that aims to bring relief to the sick and disabled working man and woman.

  48. Mr. Hildreth evidently aims at a rigid impartiality in his narrative of political events, although he never affects an indifference toward the pretensions of conflicting parties.

  49. He has no view to the effect of his words on the reader, but aims only to tell the story with which his mind teems.

  50. There is; but before we can apply this measure, we must know what is the aim of discourse: and our discourse only aims at the dialectical improvement of ourselves and others.

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